SeaOrbiter: Help Build This Space Station of the Sea


SeaOrbiter, the first space station of the sea, is launching a crowdfunding campaign to finance the construction of the ‘Eye’ of the vessel, to start in spring 2014. Each person’s chance to own a small part of SeaOrbiter.

Often compared to Star Trek’s Starship USS Enterprise, SeaOrbiter is a new generation of underwater exploration vessel that will open a new era of Ocean exploration, undersea discoveries and global knowledge about the marine ecosystem, and its vast potential regarding new applications in various fields such as marine molecules—whether for future medicine, pharmacopoeia or human sustenance—biotechnologies or renewable energies.

Drifting with the main oceanic currents, SeaOrbiter will allow a crew of explorers to live 24 hours a day over a long period of time in the heart of the ocean, this vast territory still widely unknown being the last frontier on the planet.

With strong relevant scientific and educational purposes, the international program of this unique vessel is also a powerful communication platform that will allow continuous sharing of its incomparable adventure through pictures, videos and scientific discoveries.

This unique project is led by the French sea architect and Academician, Jacques Rougerie, surrounded by the world’s leading ocean and space experts and gathering long time discussing support from, among others, American instituttions such as NASA, NOAA, University of Hawaii, Scripps Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the Smithsonian Institution, and the National Group.

For more than 10 years, an international team has been working on the conception of SeaOrbiter and the gathering of necessary funds for construction and its missions.

The pressurized module allows scientists to conduct experiments in a confined environment and  have direct access into the aquatic realm.
The pressurized module allows scientists to conduct experiments in a confined environment and have direct access into the aquatic realm.

This KissKissBankBank campaign is the opportunity to start concretely the construction of SeaOrbiter by bringing together the community of all exploration, scientific and marine knowledge fans.

Each contribution entitles you to a counterpart. For example, your name can be engraved in the Eye of the SeaOrbiter and you can even spend two days on board SeaOrbiter with an organ concert and one night under the sea.

SeaOrbiter is the culmination of 30 years of innovative research and the work of sea architect Jacques Rougerie, who bases his research and the structures he builds on a bionic architecture inspired by marine forms and a concern for sustainable development.

This visionary architect has built underwater habitats, undersea laboratories, educative sea centers, vessels with see-through hulls, subaquatic museums, and has designed underwater habitats and structures to draw attention on the beauty and fragility of the ocean and its fundamental role in the planet’s balance.

The SeaOrbiter and its exploration capacities recently passed a series of test runs in Europe’s largest ocean simulation center. The first underwater missions are already planned for 2016 in the Mediterranean Sea.

“The ocean is the heart of the solar system. It is at once the motor and the lungs of our planet. We must reinstate the ocean as the center of our daily lives,” said Jacques Rougerie.

“We want to make way for a new global socio-economic model which integrates the ocean in a responsible, sustainable manner, as the principal source of innovation and solutions. Medicine, nutrition, pharmacology, renewable energy—the SeaOrbiter can help us improve these for the betterment of our planet.”

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