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Minnesota Young People “Change the Course” and Save 7 Million Gallons of Water

In the above video, which was just released, Christian McGuigan is seen making a passionate plea to young people to help “change the course” of the Earth’s water crisis. McGuigan helps lead the Change the Course campaign in his role at Participant Media, the company behind such documentaries as An Inconvenient Truth, Food Inc., and Last Call at the Oasis.

Change the Course is a partnership between Participant Media, National Geographic, and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (with charter sponsors Silk and Coke), with the goal of returning water to and restoring the beleaguered Colorado River Basin—which supports 36 million people and countless wildlife.

In the video, McGuigan addresses a crowd of young people at We Day Minnesota on October 8, at the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul. Other speakers and performers included the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Carly Rae Jepsen, Queen Noor, Martin Luther King III, and the Minnesota Vikings.

“I’m here today because I’m told this is the group I need to get in front of if I want to see some change happen,” McGuigan said.

He added that the global water crisis may not be “top of mind in the land of 10,000 lakes, but where I’m from, where my family lives, we’re running out of water.” (McGuigan lives in Southern California.)

“We’re not asking for money, this isn’t a donation, what we’re asking for is your voice,” he said, as he encouraged the youths to take out their phones and text RIVER to 77177.

Inspiring a little friendly competition, McGuigan pointed out that young people restored 2.5 million gallons of water simply by texting at We Day Seattle in March. The plea must have worked, because Minnesota We Day attendees restored a whopping 7 million gallons back to the Colorado River. (Change the Course’s corporate sponsors pay to support restoration work on behalf of each pledge, to the tune of 1,000 gallons per pledge. See full details here.)

“When our planet was in trouble on our watch, we did something to help, we did something to change the course, because we could,” said McGuigan.

Add your voice by joining Change the Course online, or Text RIVER to 77177.

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