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Retirement Plan: Transatlantic Kayak Expedition

Aleksander Doba, a 67-year-old experienced kayaker, currently battles winds, extreme exposure to salt water, and equipment failure as he kayaks solo across the Atlantic. This map shows approximately where Doba is now, 900 miles away from Florida.Click for larger view of the weather facing Olek as he nears Florida. Image courtesy Earth.

Rather than settling down in a condo in Florida, Aleksander Doba, a 67-year-old retired engineer and Polish kayaker, is spending his retirement about 900 miles from Florida’s coast—steadily paddling on a solo, unsupported expedition across the Atlantic Ocean. Battling storms, prolonged saltwater exposure, and multiple equipment failures, the sexagenarian has been making his way across the 4,700 nautical miles of ocean between Lisbon, Portugal and New Smyrna Beach, Florida since October 6, 2013. 

At a speed of three knots (30 miles per day) Doba has paddled approximately 3,800 nautical miles with 900 left to go to his destination. He is aiming to arrive between February 10 and February 20, 2014.

Doba’s boat, designed by Andrzej Arminski, is 21 feet long, 40 inches wide. Equipped with with solar panels for charging batteries, the cabin contains five months worth of food, including chocolate bars and his wife’s homemade plum jelly. Photograph by Ricardo Bravo, Canoe & Kayak/Canoandes

Due to his satellite phone failing, Doba hasn’t been able text or talk to anyone since December 20, 2013. We know he’s still on his way by the signals coming from his SPOT (a GPS personal tracker device), but even this minimal communication is at risk, as Doba rigged new connections on the SPOT to accommodate AAA batteries rather than the AA that failed. These new connections need to be protected carefully from any ocean spray.

Picture of Aleksander Doba's kaya, designed by
Andrzej Arminski, the designer and engineer behind Doba’s specialty kayak, is also coordinating this expedition. Photograph by Ricardo Bravo, Canoe & Kayak/Canoandes

Friends and family are concerned about how the polar vortex has affected the weather and wind Doba is now facing. There will be difficult currents and winds around the Bahamas and crossing the Gulf Stream current—which has speeds about 4-6 miles on surface—could push Olek too much to the north. He also could face a nasty headwind in the final stretch.

Doba’s sleeping quarters are extremely cramped and noisy. Photograph by Ricardo Bravo, Canoe & Kayak/Canoandes

I have not slept in days. The cabin is very small and noisy, with poor ventilation. I sleep a maximum of six hours a day in a few dozen installments. The waves are irregular. In addition to the usual noise, splashing and rolling, occasionally stronger or refractive wave collapses in the hull right next to your ear… I am constantly tired from lack of sleep.
—Aleksander Doba, Nov 27, 2013

Doba’s complaints are surprisingly minimal, even after strong storms pushed him back hundreds of miles toward Africa early on in the trip, he kept saying, “Could be worse.” He does detail some discomforts from his GooglePlus page when he can communicate:

  • “In the groin area, especially the thigh and buttocks—where the worst ventilation is—appear red spots with a diameter of 6 mm. These areas are very sensitive and itchy. After two weeks on the center spot a bulge appears. It’s whitish, 3 mm in diameter, and filled with liquid. After three weeks, symptoms begin to recede. The whole process takes one month. These affected areas itch constantly.”
  • “In the depths of the skin (especially hands) form white lesions with a diameter of 3-5 mm. Painful to the touch. Very dense in a place where I keep the paddle. Offend and hurt. Once I have dozens of these. Lasts about a month.”
  • “Conjunctivitis subsided after a week.”
  • “At the ends of my nails and toes grows a whitish creature that separates the nail from the fingertip. It grows deeper and deeper. It does not hurt, but I feel like I’m losing my fingernails.”

Of course, the medical recommendation for all these maladies according to Doba, was that he: “Stay away from salt water. Keep the skin dry.”

Image of a banner for Aleksander Doba second transatlantic expedition.
Every expedition deserves a poster as grand as this one.


This is second crossing of Atlantic for Doba. In 2010 he paddled from Senegal, Africa to Brazil, South America (3,400 nautical miles) in 99 days.

Doba’s good friend, Piotr Chmielinski, is organizing a welcoming reception which will include a doctor to check on Doba’s medical condition. Most likely, Doba’s biggest problem will be the skin rashes caused by the months of exposure to salty water without showering.

Picture of Aleksander Doba's boat underwater in the first transatlantic expedition
A view from underneath the boat on Doba’s first transatlantic expedition. Photograph courtesy Aleksander Doba
Amy Bucci is a web producer for National Geographic. Her projects mainly cover National Geographic explorers, grantees and initiatives.
  • Mary Kay Estep

    I envy his solitude. I wonder if he’s looking forward to dry land and civilization or dreading it.

  • Stefan Danielski

    Go, Olek, go. Everyone is with, man.

  • Stefan Danielski

    Go, Olek. go. Everyone is with you, man.

  • Matt Mcglahlin

    I can’t wait to retire!

  • john bauchman

    What a incredible feat, hope I am going half as strong as Olek when I am his age.Smooth seas, Olek

  • Joe Kowalski

    As a fellow “Polack” and in my mid ’60’s, I am very impressed.
    As for the finger nails and toe nails, it could be a fungus because of all moisture. My wife’s homemade treatment is soaking in white vinegar if it’s on board. Good Luck!

  • Neil

    OGR – Old Guys Rule! This is a fantastic journey and should soon be completed by his US arrival. I can’t even imagine how he did all of this.

  • Marcin

    What an awesome guy! I love the idea and the power he has within himself. Keep my fingers crossed for you Olek!

  • Alejandro Esparza

    Impressive and inspiring expedition, a display of physycal and mental strenght

  • Adam

    I’m impressed by the passion, courage and perseverance in overcoming the enormous difficulties associated with the forces of nature. I wish him a safe journey to Florida so that he may enjoy the completion of this challenging endeavor. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for his success.

  • Luis Muga

    Hurricane OLO is coming!!!

  • Bill Kilpatrick

    Best wishes to Olek. I had the pleasure to meet and talk with him after his last trip, when he was a guest at the home of Piotr Chmielinski. He was full of excitement about this current adventure. I hope to get the chance to meet up with him again when he is back on dry land! Go Olek!

  • Jim Musante

    I will be on the balcony looking 4 Olek come mid Feb. or be out in the kayak 2 welcome! Hoping u have a calm ocean & tailwinds….

  • Brent Sharrer

    Olek is an inspiration. Best of luck on the final stretch.

  • Sharon Moore

    What you are doing is so inspiring! I am rooting for you, Olek, and your safe landing in FL.

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    Olek, is a strong MAN.
    He never complained to me over last few months. Even after strong storms pushed him back hundreds of miles toward Africa, he always was saying – “could be worse”. Florida is not too FAR!!

  • Peter Wytykowski

    Incredible man and incredible journey – good luck Olek!

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    Great news from Olek – connected SPOT an hour ago – and I see he moved over last two days more then 100 miles closer to Florida !! Go Olek !!! We are waiting !!!

    Weather is good – so far!!

    Olek’s location: Jan. 12, 2014 at 11:02 AM EST

    27.84 N and 66.27 W

  • Lauren Haupt

    Riaan Manser (first person to cycle around Africa) and his girlfriend are busy kayaking from Morocco to New York

  • Michael Margolis

    Olek. Wishing you fair winds and following seas for the remainder of your journey ! You are an inspiration to us all !

  • Rocky Contos

    Wow that is an amazing feat and to do so at the age of 68 is extra impressive. I wish you all the best in finishing in Florida!

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    From Andrzej Arminski – Jan. 12, 2012, 4:18 PM
    750 nm in a straight line divides Olek from the shores of Florida. The winds pushed the kayak a little farther north than that was the plan. The closer to the continent, the weather is getting less and less stable. Next week Olek will encounter three weather fronts and periodically will have to paddle against contrary winds.

  • Sokema

    It’s great to read about people who never stop look for life adventure. Keep fingers crossed for acomplishment of this Olek’s trip and look forward to hear about the next one.

  • Marek Tomalik

    Go OLEK GO!!! I had the pleasure to invite him to 3 Elements Festival of Travelers in Krakow years ago after his trip across Baltic Sea. Step by step he is going to paddle the Ocean. Keep going Great Man!

  • Piotr S

    OLO the great!

  • Boguslaw Gaweda

    Your great skills and stamina should lead you to achieve this spectacular goal, but first and foremost I wish you a safe expedition. Good luck and keep going.

  • Krzysztof Jurek

    Bravo Olek, keep like that. You are a real example of courage and of tge polish spirit. Bravo. I like it;)

  • Kasia Czech

    The greate man, he is my inspiration for activity life in every age

  • Mitch Filipowicz

    …and I thought the Gauley was a tough paddle…Godspeed, Olek!!

  • Rich Hunsicker

    And to think we complain after paddling 3 miles!! An inspiration to both old and young

  • Tomasz Jakubiec

    Niewiele już może zatrzymać Olka. ON to zrobi.

  • lena

    wszyscy lubimy Olka, i trzymamy za niego kciuki…normalnie już dziury w dłoniach…Olo, stopy wody pod wiosłem…uściski i pomyślnych wiatrów:)

  • Rafa Ortiz

    Its never too late to embark into an epic quest. stoked to see the inspiration at his age. inspiring the younger generations to get out.
    Paddle hard man!

  • Jacek Skoczylas

    My Skoczki, byliśmy z Olkiem podczas pierwszej wyprawy i jesteśmy z nim teraz. To człowiek, który potrafi pokonać ocean niemożliwości i to dwa razy !

  • Jason

    Iron Man Olek 🙂

  • West Hansen

    Pretty amazing perseverance. I imagine it will be strange to stand on solid ground. Aleksander is one of the very rare few people I admire.

  • Matt

    Keep paddling Olek! We’ll see you soon in Florida and the first (dozen) rounds is on me!

  • Tenzin

    This guy has guts! Congratulations Olek, Greetings from top of the world!!!

  • Brendy Herrera

    YOLO 🙂

    Una admiracion total. Y un orgullo poder ver a personas tan fuertes como usted. Disfrutelo aló máximo.

  • George

    Amazing, but why do this in the middle of winter?

  • Alexandra Wojcicki

    Congratulations for making it so far! Such an incredible journey — I guess Picasso’s quote holds some truth, “Anything you can imagine is real”. Thank you, Olek, for stretching the boundaries of what humanity accepts as possible 🙂 Keep up your limitless positivity!

  • Robin

    Panie Olku, na Florydzie prosze nie zapomnieć o zabraniu garści piasku z plaży 🙂

  • Nadia

    WOW- what an inspiration and model of tenacity. I can’t wait to see you pictures at Piotr’s house. I so enjoyed the last show and tell.

  • Eugene Buchanan

    Amazing that he’s doing it a second time…

  • Tadek “tedi” Pozor

    And that’s what I call a truly “Salty Dog”
    I keep my fingers crossed for your lucky finish, Olek – POWODZENIA !!!
    Greetings for Piotr, too.

  • Ray Petrisek

    Life isn’t about finding yourself its about creating yourself. Most of us are in the daily grind, but Olek is looking at the stars. You can stir yourself in any direction, you’re on your own, and you know what you know and you are the one who’ll decide where to go. Best wishes with all that freedom.

  • Jonathon

    What an amazing adventure! Add this one to the record books.

  • Ewa kiedys Nosek obecnie Kruza

    Znam Cie jeszcze z Polski jestem kajakarka z Dryfujacego Pagaja z Ostroleki pozdrowienia Ewa

  • Jacek Bogucki

    Powodzenia Olku!
    Przyjaciele z Gorach Skalistych – znajac Ciebie – wierza, ze za miesiac doplyniesz do Florydy z kolejnym rekordem kajakarskim!!!!
    Good lack Olek!
    We believe in Your succes!!!

  • Papuga

    Aleksander Wielki !!! 🙂

  • Baher Amin

    what an awesome trip.

  • Praveen

    What a will power !!. I salute you Sir Definitely, the taste of your wife’s prume jam keeps you going !! Sail on dear friend.

  • Kent Campbell

    Udają się *olek* udają się

    (Apologies if the translation is not correct)

    Go Olek!

  • Stefan Danielski

    Olek Doba epitomizes best side of human spirit .There is no retirement age if you have a drive to cross the boundaries into unknown, but you need to overcome your own fear first.

  • Aleksandra Labinska, Tudor Dornescu

    This is amazing!!!!Wishes of courage and good luck from the Japanese island of Kyushu!!! May you reach your destination soon and safely!!!!

  • Aga Karmol

    Fingers crossed for you Olek!

  • Pat Reed

    Aleksander’s trip borders on the unimaginable. In an age of increasing reliance on technological “wonders” he reminds us that the human spirit transcends that reliance.

  • Chris Chmura

    This is incredible feat and very inspiring to all. The Florida shores are near; come seas and lots of luck Oleg.

  • Carmen Mejia

    Que llegas a Florida pronto.
    Que navegas con Dios!
    Olek – Te esperamos.

  • Gosia Trys

    Trzymaj się wilku morski! Pozdrowienia z Gdańska 🙂

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    The most import NEWS!! Olek posted his location today from SPOT. In last two days he moved +60 miles closer to Florida. Weather – good yet!!
    Good going!!!
    Information from SPOT:
    Your Local Time:
    January 14, 2014 at 11:09:42 AM EST
    Coordinates: (WGS84)
    28.5225 , -67.42017

  • Marek Baranowski

    Go ! Go ! Olek

    Jesteśmy z Tobą 🙂

  • Mike Sikora

    The Alekander Doba’s heroic effort of crossing the Atlantic
    Ocean on kayak at age 67 proofs that even impossible things can be done and we
    should never give up. He is the hero and inspiration not only to the older generation, but for the young one too. Olek, thank you again for your determination and proving to the World, that there are things bigger than money.

  • Maryla

    This is an incredible expedition, congratulations!

  • Andrew

    Buddist saying: ” everything is an illusion” is so true to Olek’s feat: his imagination, dreams, preparation in material world and now passion in execution. And who is saying that only young people are capable to achieve an impossible dream? I read Olek’s book about his first transatlantic kajaking across Atlantic. It was at University of Wisconsin in Madison where all audience was hipnotized with his story and superb pics. Go Olo go! Bring us new record and hope, that no age is a limit. God speed!

  • Kate

    Great Olek!!!

    This is unbelievable! He needs money and everyone can have “your” mile! But we must have for every return … 😉

  • Gabi

    Olek, go. I’m waiting.

  • Jan Napoleon Saykiewicz

    Just retired. Looking desperately for some new ideas. Got it. Will paddle Ohio river down to Mississippi, Caribbeans, Trinidad and Tobago, and further down to the ultimate happiness. No worries. Ahoy!
    Anyway, good luck man !!!

  • aneta

    a jeszcze chwile temu wypływał z Lizbony a już tak daleko… 3mamy kciuki!

  • Jill Weissenberger

    Olek, good luck with the last stretch of your journey. We are cheering you on from VA! I always wondered what flying fish tasted like. I hope it was good!

  • Valerie McMillan

    Truly an incredible human being with so much dedication. Good luck and Godspeed for leg final leg of your journey!

  • Krzysztof Sawicki

    Go! Olek! Go!

  • Cezary

    Dasz rade Olek – teraz to juz rzut beretem, w USA Polonii nie brakuje, przywitaja Cie chlebem i mam nadzieje, ze sol sobie juz daruja 😛

  • tadek&maryla

    powodzenia Olek

  • roman e. gzyl

    Do odwaznych swiat nalezy, duzy podziw za odwage,

  • Rono

    Go Olek! what agreat story and trip great trip

  • Rono

    Go Olek! what a great story and trip great trip

  • Rayhana

    Truly inspirational! More people retiring should be encourage to go on ventures like this… and remind them there is no retirement to seeking from life and nature.

  • Ania

    Pomyslnych wiatrow, niskich fal, trzymamy kciuki!

  • Chris Chmura

    Incredible feat Oleg, you are an inspiration, come seas and lot’s of luck on a way home.

  • Jozef Milewski

    Olek you are only 36,000 paddle strokes away from Florida

  • Kinga Kępa

    Olek, my wiemy że dasz radę. Teraz oczy otwiera Kajakowy Świat! Otwórz im szeroko! I niech w tym zdziwieniu pozostaną na zawsze!

    Jak już się sławą nacieszysz to wracaj. Jak najszybciej 🙂

  • Martówka

    Olek, trzymamy kciuki za szybkie i bezpieczne dotarcie do brzegu. A tam małe, zimne piwko w nagrodę. Buźka od Tomanków wszystkich pięciu.

  • Maria Danielska

    Panie Olku,
    Jesteśmy z Panem i trzymamy kciuki. Wierzymy w Pana.

  • John Mason

    Lots of support and great accomplishments! Good Luck!

  • Hassan Hammoud

    I admire your courage and bravery. You are an inspiration to me and many of my peers here with me in high school. You have proven that anything is possible if you put your heart to it and that age is just a number when chasing you dreams. Im speechless right now and really amazed. I wish you the best. Good Luck!

  • topman

    Waaw that’s some determination

  • Anon


  • topman

    Woow, that’s awesome

  • Jana Schroeder

    Go Olek go! Wishing you all the fresh sushi you can eat and nothing but beautiful weather for the rest of your journey. And when you make it back to dry land, please share with us some pictures of those sunrises and sunsets.

  • Agnieszka Bańkowska

    Trzymam kciuki!

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    awsome 🙂

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    Kochamy wariatów! Bez nich świat byłby nudny!

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    Olek, zawsze podziwiałam Twoją determinację. Wiem, że szczęśliwie dopłyniesz. Wracaj szczęśliwie do domu.

  • Janusz Szwaracki

    Olek, już osiągnąłes to, czego chyba nikt nie powtórzy.
    Oby sily i dobre nastawienie psychiczne towarzyszyły Ci na tym ostatnim odcinku. Chciałbym byc takim twardzielem (marzenie). Zycze Ci sprzyjających warunków i bezpiecznego dotarcia do lądu.

  • Agnes

    Wow! What an extraordinary thing to do! I am well impressed!
    It could be an amazing story about man who is just doing impossible. Pls do a follow up to let us know what is happening and tell us more about this amazing man and his achievement. What a man! What a thing to do!! 67 years old!! Wishing you all the best Aleksander!

  • Sylwia

    Olek jest dowodem na to, że jak tylko się chce, to można swoje marzenia spełnić. Choćby i po 60-tce… nigdy nie jest za późno. Chylę czoła przed odważnymi marzeniami i dokonaniami.

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    Olek connected again few minutes ago to SPOT.
    This is not GOOD news! Too much north!!
    Please pray, cross you fingers or do whatever you can to make Olek go WEST not North.

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    Last SPOT from Olek:

    Your Local Time:
    January 15, 2014 at 4:50:14 PM EST
    Coordinates: (WGS84)
    29.15596 , -68.19464

  • Agnes Savich

    Powodzenia i szeroka, mokra droga!

  • AguTarnak

    Powodzenia!!! Trzymam kciuki 🙂

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    Olek is going to have unfavorable winds for the next week. At some times the winds will be weak but most of the time the winds will be 20 knots (23 MPH) from the south or west (thus moving him north or east). It will be a waiting game for him, a game that he is use to by now. New Smyrna Beach, where he was is planning to land is exactly the same latitude as Olek’s current position. That is, Olek is 663 nm due east of NSB.

  • Josh Bostic

    Great story. Wishing him luck on completing the second voyage. Next he should kayak from San Diego to Hawaii!

  • Tomasz

    Niemożliwe? Co to teraz znaczy?
    Będziemy musieli wykreślić to słowo ze słowników.

  • Mirka i Zenek Ratajczyk

    SZACUNEK! Jesteś jak ten kompas! Wyznaczasz dobry kierunek dla seniorów i pokazujesz, że wiek dojrzały to nie tylko kapcie, fotel i telewizor! Pozdrawiamy i trzymamy kciuki!

  • Anka

    Wspaniały, odważny człowiek. Już nie mogę się doczekać na kolejne spotkanie z Policzanami – z fantastycznymi zdjęciami i jeszcze lepszymi opwieściami z tej wyprawy. Pomyślnych wiatrów i niskich fal.

  • Marta

    Trzymam kciuki, życzę spełnienia podjętego wyzwania:)

  • Danka

    Tylko ludzie odważni realizują swoje marzenia.

    Only brave people realize their dreams.

  • Anka

    Pomyślnych wiatrów, niskich fal, wspaniałej pogody. I do szybkiego zobaczenia – już nie mogę się doczekać spotkania z Policzanami.

    Successful winds, low waves, great weather. And see you soon – I can not wait to meet Policzanami.

  • Andrzej

    Maja ludzie kapitalne pasje.

  • Pawel

    Jesteś wielki!!!! Trzymam za Ciebie kciuki!
    Pozdrowienia z Oświęcimia

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    Olek ,płyń do celu, płyń.

  • Olga & Agata

    Keep going Grandpa and be back home for Easter 😉

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    Gratulujemy odwagi
    Tomasz Morawski Ekwador

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    Wielki szacunek- podziwiam i życzę pomyślnych wiatrów!!!!!

  • Tetiana

    Incredible story! Good luck!

  • JB Durville

    Histoire plutôt impressionnante!
    J’espère bien qu’il finira son voyage en bonne santé et content de celui-ci parce que ça fait vraiment envie!
    Par rapport aux problèmes qu’il encontre, j’espère qu’il puisse recevoir de l’aide si possible; je suis même surpris qu’on ne lui permette pas d’appeler des gens et de donner des nouvelles à sa famille et ses amis..

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    Unfortunately, not Florida or Washington but Bermuda is a direction where Olek’s kayak “OLO” is moving toward over last few hours. Lets ask “Somebody” to change direction of the wind to the west, pronto.

  • Isaac

    What an inspiration to all,fair winds and tides

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    To see in real time how strong are the winds at the location where Olek is currently use this link and click his location (for today 29.7584 , -68.6012):,14.97,441

  • Kyle

    Good luck to him! That’s how you do retirement. Your way.

  • Krzysztof B

    Olek, trzymam kciuki i wierzę w sukces. Wielka rzecz. Pozdrawiam

  • Pylska Basia

    Good luck!

  • Janusz Dacewicz

    New Cristopher Columb of XXI centuary from Poland

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    Unfortunately Olek and “OLO” are pushed back east today.

  • Kinga Kępa

    Olek, widocznie za dobrze Ci szło i Ktoś Tam Na Górze uznał, że potrzebna jest lekcja pokory. Jesteś już zmęczony, ale dasz radę! Przeczekamy przeciwne wiatry razem z Tobą.
    Próbuj odpoczywać przed ostatnim starciem z Oceanem

  • Han N

    Niesamowite! To już ponad 100 dni na oceanie w kajaku!Bez względu na ostateczny port czy to nie jest już przypadkiem rekord? Powodzenia!!!!

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    From Andrzej Arminski, coordinator of Aleksander Doba – Atlantic 2:
    January 7, 2014 marks the one hundred fourth day of the expedition. The weather in recent days is not cooperating. Squally wind and waves were pushing Olek north. Tomorrow the wind will turn from the west and the unfavorable direction will stay for almost a week, eventually reaching a strength of the storm. If Olek was two hundred miles to the south, would be more bearable conditions. Unfortunately kayak “OLO” is at the mercy of the ocean …
    Left to the American continent only 630 nm. Bermuda is about 250 nm northeast and the Bahamas 480 nm to the southwest.

  • Saltwater

    To fascynujące

  • Arkadii

    Попутного ветра Вам, Александр. Желаю благополучно причалить в намеченной точке.

  • asia

    Powodzenia! Trzymamy kciuki.

  • Asia

    Sprzyjających wiatrów, trzumam kciuki

  • Max Hatala

    This is an amazing expedition and I wish the best for him!

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    Olek – 1/18/14 – lost not gain distance to the USA today.
    We got second signal from SPOT – Olek hold ON!!!!
    Wrong direction yet. We are all paddling with you and we believe you can do IT!!!!
    Inf fom SPOT:
    Your Local Time:
    January 18, 2014 at 4:21:05 PM EST
    Coordinates: (WGS84)
    29.75411 , -68.25797

  • Luis Muga

    In Polish
    Radio interview with Piotr Chmielinski about Olek Doba and Andrzej Arminski
    W Polsce (2014-01-18) Polskie Radio PR 1 – rozmowa z Piotrem Chmielinskim o Olku Doba i Andrzeju Arminskim.

  • Luis Muga

    “It is better to live one day as a tiger, than a hundred as a lamb.”
    Aleksander Doba

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    From Dr. Hugh Granger,
    The winds and seas remain unfavorable for Olek. It will be difficult for him to make too much headway until the jet stream changes and the high pressure ridge over by Alaska shifts or weakens. I think this unfavorable period could continue for at least 2 more weeks. There will be some brief periods of winds from the northeast but most of the time the winds will be out of the east right into Olek’s face. It will be cold also.

  • Joanna

    It’s great to see lots of an amazing comments, that’s what Olek needs We have to send him positive energy and pray for good winds !!!

  • Jason Azarkhish

    Olek all the best from the cantina family hope the the winds and seas guide you in soon thanks for the inspiration !

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    Go Olek and “OLO”. As we see from the SPOT Olek is trying to escape strong winds by heading south.

    Information from Andrzej Arminski:
    For several days strong contrary winds are holding Olek from moving forward. Now, moderate wind blows from the west, but strong enough that it does not allow for Olek to move toward Florida. Therefore, Olek paddles to the south to partially reduce the impact of the storm with winds SW that will embrace a large area of the Atlantic on Tuesday and Wednesday.
    Last reported location from SPOT:
    Your Local Time:
    January 19, 2014 at 4:21:23 PM EST
    Coordinates: (WGS84)
    29.49875 , -67.90451

  • Edward Karol Rozycki

    Olku trzymamy za Ciebie kciuki, jestes MISTRZEM.

  • Marcin


  • Promocja

    Olku gratulujemy !! i czekamy na Ciebie w Policach

  • Promocja

    Już tylko kawałek drogi przed Tobą – całe Police kibicują !!

  • Marek

    Avanti Tutta!!! manca poco, vai Olo 🙂

  • Ag

    Regards from POLAND! 🙂

  • Adam W. Siedlecki

    – Czy pan fal się bał tych?
    – Dla mnie to była bajka.
    Opłynąłem Bałtyk,
    przeczeszę i Bajkał.
    I założę się o kajak,
    że przepłynę Atlantyk.
    W-ów-czas będę wolny
    o(d)pływając Spokojny.

  • K Scorer

    Keep going, you can do it. We all believe in you!

  • K Scorer

    Keep going. We all believe in you! You can do it!
    Grandma is praying for you!

  • Monika

    Już wkrótce osiągniesz cel! Trzymam kciuki. Powodzenia!
    A jednak człowiek, pył we Wszechświecie, wiele może… 🙂

  • Agnieszka

    We Keep finger cross for Olek. It is almost around the corner. Keep going!!!!

  • Miras

    Its unbelievable, but he’ll do it! Olek, you are the biggest kayaker, biggest traveller, and biggest romantic of our times

  • ewa

    Good Luck Friend!

  • Pacific

    Three cheers from CANADA!
    What an amazing trip!

  • Malgorzata Z.

    Dear Mr Doba, in fact you are a bit crazy 😉 I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!! And may the force be with you! 😉

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    From Andrzej Arminski:
    There is a forecast for a strong storm SW30. Will start around midnight tonight and will last for 24 hrs. HOLD ON Olek and “OLO”.
    We are all with you. More and more people around the world are supporting you!!
    Again today, he lost some distance today (about 40 miles farther from Florida since yesterday) but looks like Olek knows what to do to find safer place where he can wait for better weather.
    Olek – 1/20/14
    Escaping strong winds Olek and “OLO” are mowing SE.
    SPOT: Your Local Time:
    January 21, 2014 at 3:21:35 PM EST
    Coordinates: (WGS84)
    29.19366 , -67.56082

  • Kate R

    Amazing! Good luck, Olek!

  • Doctor AS

    Szanowny Panie Aleksandrze. Śledzę Pana kajakowe wyczyny od czasu kiedy opłynął Pan Bałtyk i wierzę, że przyjdzie taki dzień, że opłynie Pan kulę ziemską – bez zawijania do portu, rzecz jasna. Trzymam kciuki za powodzenie obecnej wyprawy. Szacunek.

  • Malgorzata Z.

    According to the news you were in the center of the storm but you are still OK!!!! All the best from Warsaw and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    Olek – 1/22/14 – 3 PM EST
    OLEK and “OLO” are OKKKKKK!!!
    They were not even pushed too far back, only about 60 miles
    GO Olek!!!!!!
    SPOT for today:
    Your Local Time:
    January 22, 2014 at 3:50:54 PM EST
    Coordinates: (WGS84)
    29.24495 , -67.38422

  • Marleen H.

    Oleg, thank you for sharing your trip with us. We are wishing you the very best.



    Derring-do is alive! You are an inspiration, Oleg. Safe journey and a warm homecoming.

  • Michael Margolis

    Keep it up Olek ! You are doing great !

  • Kinga Kępa

    Olek, ja wiedziałam, że Trójkąt Bermudzki schowa pazurki jak Cię zobaczy! Zuch!
    Odpocznij chwilę po sztormie, spróbuj się przespać w ciut chłodniejszym powietrzu i skręcaj na zachód. Dasz radę przeskoczyć to w dwa tygodnie 🙂

  • tadek&maryla

    Powodzenia panie Olku ,nie daj się przeciwnyym wiatrom.Floryda już….tuż, tuż. W Policach czeka rodzina ,a szczególnie zapewne wnuczęta / zapewne pamiętały o Dniu Dziadka/

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    Olek – 1/23/14 – 12.40 EST
    One more good news. Olek and “OLO” lost again some distance overnight, but not too much.
    Go, go Olek go!!!
    Storm moved north from Olek’s location and we hope will be easier at this moment for him to move toward Florida again.
    Go, go Olek go!!!
    SPOT Local Time:
    January 23, 2014 at 1:00:02 PM EST
    Coordinates: (WGS84)
    29.33373 , -67.32144

    From Andrzej Arminski:
    In the last week because of the contrary, often stormy winds Olek lost 73 miles. It currently has 700 nm to the shores of Florida. Next week will be under the sign of the weak and moderate westerly variable winds. The arduous task of making up for losses wWill begin.

  • Andrzej Rogowski

    Olo jesteś WIELKI uż tylko kilka kilometrów. trzymaj sie i nie daj sie. Pozdrawiam

  • Jose Pablo Gallegos

    Go Olek, keep moving, land getting closer!!

  • Piotr Chmielinski

    From Dr. Hugh Granger:
    I have looked as the wind projections for Olek’s location and anticipated course and I believe he will have generally more favorable winds over the next week. There may be some days of strong winds blowing him off course but there is definitely an improvement. If he is lucky enough to make a couple of hundred miles to the west the winds may be even more favorable. There may also be a period of strong winds from the north that will move him south.

  • David in Idaho

    Following your amazing adventure and wishing you fair winds.

  • Basia

    Fingers crossed! You will do it!

  • Aga Karmol

    Olek, you prove it’s possible to do such unbelievable thing WITHOUT a sponsorship of a big concern, who will put stickers over all your gear and call your fight “THEIR Atlantic run”.
    We all keep fingers crossed for you, Olek!
    We want to hear more!

  • Anna

    Absolutly fantastic. Good luck!

  • Marek

    Olek czekamy na Ciebie.

  • Karo Markocka

    What a great adventurer! Jesteś wielki!

  • Deckson B

    I salute you friend….God wil protect you..just believe in Him.

  • Agnieszka

    We saw news about you on our Polish Main News – You are great! We can call it: “Mission Imposible” – when we speak with our friends- YOU ARE GREAT!!!

  • Nicole

    Just met your friend Piotr. Both your stories are amazing! May the wind be at your back!

  • Małgorzata

    Trzymamy kciuki Panie Olku – wytrwałości zazdrościmy i czekamy na dalsze relacje z wypraw

  • Al

    May the wind be to your stern and sun to your port. You may be paddling alone, but we are pulling for you!

  • Dave Webster

    The Olek Man and the Sea. A fascinating story. Godspeed and good luck to you Olek. Is it my imagination or does Olek bear a slight resemblance to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn with that beard?

  • Tadek “tedi” Pozor

    Polish media picking up – today’s article @

    Piotr, any updates on Olek’s whereabouts (today is Jan. 30, 2014) ?

  • Alfred

    Keep it up, Aleksander! Stay dry!

  • Evan

    best wishes on your inspiring adventure.

  • Joy Kimm

    Amazing story of determination, perseverance and perhaps a little bit of craziness. Go Alek! We’re cheering you on!

  • Kinga Kępa

    Olek, jestem bardzo zmęczona samym tylko patrzeniem na SPOT raz dziennie. Wstyd mi za to, bo wyobrażam sobie jak straszliwie Ty musisz być umęczony.
    Olka Aniele Stróżu, nie usypiaj ani na chwilę!

  • Al

    As a premier chronicler of human adventures, hopefully National Geographic will feature a story of Mr. Dobas journey.

  • Paul

    Good luck to you and hope to see you on land soon. Your awesome!

  • ruby

    please, any update at all ?

  • Piotr Chmielinski
  • Andrzej Kolasiński

    Olku niech Ci wieje po Twojej myśli ku Florydzie.

  • Brian McCue

    I am about to turn 50 and I wish I looked like him (after shaving)! Kudos my friend for coming this far! I attended school in New Smyrna beach and it is a lovely place to wrap up such a grand voyage! I would imagine you’re coming into the Ponce Inlet to end the journey.

  • Island Sunrises by Tim Forrest

    Aleksandra Doba kayak to Florida.
    You are welcome to use these photos in any story or publicity.
    Photo Credit: Island Sunrises by Tim Forrest

    Thank you,

  • Mark

    Olek, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!

    congratulations from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!

  • Tammy Koonce

    Saw Alek this past weekend at National Geographic in Washington DC. He made it and is doing well.

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