Hangout With Hi-Tech Explorers

Photo courtesy of Crittercam.
Emperor penguins have provided some of the most captivating footage in the Crittercam program. (Photo courtesy of Crittercam)

Join us for our next Google+ Hangout as we explore the cutting-edge technology that allows us to perceive the formerly unseen. From the glaciers of Antarctica to cold outer space, both of our guests are using technology in extreme places to further our understanding of the planet.

Kyler Abernathy serves as the primary planner for National Geographic’s Crittercam program, in which a compact camera with the capacity film up to eight hours of footage is safely and non-invasively worn by an animal to record its life from its own point of view. Kyler is currently applying Crittercam units onto leopard seals and will be joining the Hangout from the team’s base camp in Antarctica.

A leopard seal yawns between naps on a rocky beach. (Photo courtesy of Crittercam)

National Geographic Fellow and Emerging Explorer Sarah Parcak uses satellites orbiting 400 miles overhead equipped with powerful cameras to identify archaeological sites invisible to the human eye. Less than 1 percent of ancient Egypt has been discovered and excavated. An Egyptologist, Sarah is pioneering a young field called “satellite archaeology” to find what else resides in the remaining 99 percent.

Photo by James P. Blair/National Geographic Creative
Some ancient Egyptian sites are admittedly easy to spot without recourse to hi-tech wizardry. (Photo by James P. Blair/National Geographic Creative)

How to Participate in the Hangout

You can be a part of our next Google+ Hangout. Send in your questions for these National Geographic Explorers and they may be asked on air. Submit your questions by…

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