Watch Salmon Stranded in Pool Thanks to California Drought

“Time to pray for rain!” writes Thomas B. Dunklin, a self-described “fisheries geo-videologist.” Dunklin “combines his training in geology and fisheries biology to produce documentary videos on topics surrounding salmon, salmon restoration, and salmon culture.”

Dunklin writes on Vimeo that the lower Mattole River on California’s north coast hasn’t seen any significant rainfall since late September, likely due to the ongoing California drought.

According to Dunklin, Chinook salmon are stranded in many of the pools in the river.

“In late December, 2013, Vincent DiMarzo and I deployed 4 cameras in the pool and let them record the back and forth motions of this school of at least 50 large Chinook,” he wrote. “Still no rain on the horizon.”

The fate of these fish is uncertain, as are other fish in parched California.

Due to the drought, California has closed fishing in parts of the Mattole and other rivers, in order to protect fish that are already stressed.