Q&A: The Real Story of “The Incredible Dr. Pol”

Few veterinarians treat goats with polio and deliver calves in the middle of a thunderstorm.

To Jan Pol, the star of Nat Geo Wild‘s most popular show, The Incredible Dr. Pol, it’s all in a day’s work.

Dr. Pol celebrating a successful calving. Photograph by Michael Stankevich, National Geographic Channel.

Now in its fourth season, The Incredible Dr. Pol follows the rural Michigan veterinarian and his family on his daily duties at his clinic and on nearby farms. (Meet the cast of the show.)

The Dutch native first spent time in central Michigan as a high school exchange student, and officially emigrated to the region as a young man. Dr. Pol’s zest for life and love of animals have made this program a must-watch each week.

I caught up with Dr. Pol’s son Charles, one of the show’s creators and cast members, who gave me an inside look into the hit program.

Q. What made your dad first want to become a veterinarian?

A. My dad, Jan Pol, was born in the Netherlands and grew up on a farm. Initially, he wanted to be a farmer. But there isn’t much farmland left in the Netherlands, so it’s nearly impossible to do. When he was nine years old, his brother called the local vet to help them deliver a litter of piglets. My dad helped the vet, and from that moment on, he knew what he wanted to do.

Watch a clip of the episode How Now Bloated Cow.

How did the idea for the show come about?

At the time, I was working in Los Angeles at Nickelodeon and trying to sell ideas for reality shows. My first idea was turned down, and I was advised to find an idea with a “larger than life character.” I immediately thought of my dad. I pitched the project to a production company, we filmed a sample episode, and my idea became reality. We’ve been on the air for the past four years. (See photos from the show.)

What does it take to shoot and produce a single episode of Dr. Pol?

It takes us roughly one week to film one episode of the show. So a 20-episode season will take us 20 weeks to shoot. We film almost everything that happens, which includes two to six farm calls each day and ten to twelve clinic cases. Dad starts at 8 a.m. sharp, and we usually film until 8 p.m. We pool all the footage together and the best ones make the cut.

How many people are involved in producing the show?

Besides the people on camera, there are over 22 crew members working on the show, and an additional 15 people in post-production. The crew keeps returning year after year, and we’ve become a really big family. We couldn’t make this show without them—it’s a labor of love. (See “17 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr. Pol.”)

What’s the scariest thing that has happened while you were making Dr. Pol?

We’ve had a number of close calls with the crew, but the most dangerous was probably when one crew member got run down by a beef cow. We lost the footage of the incident, so it never made the actual show, but it was really scary.

What was the most amazing thing that happened?

We were filming a calving during season three, in an episode called Back to the Suture. While this calf was being born, a thunderstorm came in. The sky got really dark and the weather was really nasty—it was windy and pouring rain. But my dad just delivered the calf and both mom and baby survived. It was a really special moment to be a part of.

Does your dad have any plans to retire?

Not at all. He loves his job and says it keeps him young and active. He likes to say that when your hobby is your job, you are never working. My dad has always said he will die with his hand up the back of a cow.

Watch new episodes of Nat Geo Wild’s The Incredible Dr. Pol on Saturdays at 9 p.m. EST.

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Carrie is a freelance science writer living in Virginia. When she's not writing about cool critters, she's spending time outside, drinking coffee, or knitting. You can visit her website at http://www.carriearnold.com
  • Dwayne LaGrou

    I haven’t had the opportunity to see the show, But it sounds exciting. I also live in the “Thumb Area” of Michigan in Lapeer and was wondering where the farm is located. There are some of the greatest farms in Michigan and it’s great to showcase our wonderful state in this way. I’ll be looking for the next show now. Thank You Nat. Geo for sharing this story.

  • Jerry

    I agree It’s a great show. His practice is in Weidman, which is just north west of Mt Pleasant. That’s home to central Michigan university.

  • Dwayne LaGrou

    Thanks Jerry, I am very familiar with Wiedman. A close friend of mine had a Grandmother that just passed away that lived there. Very beautiful area of mid Michigan with many Amish in the area. I have also been trail riding in the area. Tons of fun!!!

  • Joanne

    Are there any black people in that area of Michigan. I watch the show but never see people of any color on the show or come to the clinic.

  • Sandra Lee Barnett

    I am a Pol addict. The show is truly amazing. Dr. Pol reminds me of my horse vet, who would do anything to save my horse. It takes a special person to be a vet. They are on call 24/7. But I don’t like the new “funny” quips this year on screen. Not necessary, distracting & not funny! Please remove them. Dr. Pol & family are clever all by themselves.

  • Kathy Nash

    Dr Pol:
    Love your show, Learn a lot by watching it. I noticed that you sedate cattle under there tails, is that just for sedation? Or do you give vaccines that way to??

  • gisi

    i have an African grey (16 years old) and the problem is he’s as bold as an egg?????? he’s never alone so anxiety is not a problem.. so what do you think his problem is?? I think vitamin? if so what should I try??? any suggestions? thank you

  • Steve Driscoll

    I love the show. Dr.Pol reminds me so much of my dad who was also a veterinarian. Dr. Pol has the same heart for animals that my father possessed. He had a vet save his beagle as a kid and resolved to become a vet. Night or day, rain or shine he never turned down a client’s request to tend a sick or injured animal and said he too would die taking care of some animal. He practiced until two months before his death at age 93 and was honored as the oldest practicing veterinarian in Texas the year before his death.

  • Sandy Brown

    Dr. Pol, Charles,Diane and Dr. Brenda:

    I have no words to explain just how much my husband and I enjoy your show!’ I have no doubt that the show IS your TRUE personalities! My husband and i have raised two labs (who lived to 14 and 16 years old). We now have a black lab puppy that had problems and we had a hard time finding a Vet that seemed to have your passion for their profession. We are front and center for every episode. You have our utmost respect and praise. Thanks for sharing your experiences! Love all of y’all!!!

  • Earl Miller

    I never miss a show and would like to meet him. I have a strong interest in animals. Earl

  • Gloria Colter

    Love the show since I have been involved with horses and other animals nearly all my life. Have been disappointed only once recently when Charles let go the G–d— word when he was fixing Easter brunch for his parents who were at church. He should follow their example and attend church with them and learn how important it is to revere God.

  • Kenneth May

    Just got done watching the show march 22 2014 what a great show. I live in the city and have done so all my life. I am 55. After the show I went to the web site, I have never been there. I was enjoying the pictures and i noticed one where there was a petition to take the show off the air. I WAS VERY ANGRY!!! I could not believe some idiot would see anything wrong with this show. I hope you will be on for years to come. There are only 2000 signatures. That has to be about half a percent of the people who watch the show. Do you know if there is a petition to keep the show,I would gladly sign it and would get everyone I know to sign it too. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Thank you for such a great show. Keep up the good work I am a big fan. Go Dr Pol

  • Stacey Herrin

    Absolutely love this show! My kids and I watch it every week and would very disappointed if it gets cancelled. Keep on doing your thing Doc Pol you’re awesome!

  • Donna Trusler

    I so love watching Dr. Pol. He is such a sweet and compassionate person. I wish he was on every day. Dr. Brenda is so great also. Diane and Charles are awesome too. Love, love, love this show.

  • Debbie

    I love the show.It’s one program my husband and I can enjoy together. Thanks.

  • Lynda little

    Was raised on dairy farm- love animals and love love this show. I would love to meet the Pol family- they must be awesome people. Need more shows like this .

  • Netty L

    I so love watching your show. I am a HUGE animal lover and it is a great thing to see such an amazing vet and staff and what they do to save and care for animals. I want to come spend a day with you. I will not want to leave! You are awesome Dr Pol and company!,

  • Denise

    My family and I enjoy the show, especially my 89.5 y.o. Mom. We appreciate how difficult the vet’s career is. Dr. Pol and his family team are outstanding. Every community needs a Dr. Pol!
    We continue to look forward to each episode, and watch even the repeats. Keep up this great show:)

  • Alison Kukelhan

    This is my twin 3.5 yr old granddaughter’s favorite show. They cry when its not on. Please keep it coming!!!

  • Vanessa Martin

    My husband and I love your show. My husband has around 150 beef cattle. He forget the time when he goes to the farm he has leased to check on his cattle.
    I do have a question for Dr. Pol, my husband would love to meet you and I was wondering if we came to Michigan would that be possible? He said he would love to go with you on visits and help in anyway he could. This would make his day!!
    If this would be possible, at least, just to meet you, please email me and let me know. He has a birthday in July, I would love to surprise him with this.

    Thank you for such a fantastic show.
    Vanessa Martin

  • Chris Van Epps

    I lo’ve the show. I found a two week old.kitten bottled Fed every two hours. it turned out he is a wobbler. A lot of work but he is cute and spoilt I lived in Holland when I was a teenager Voorborg near the Hague. keep the show great family atmosphere

  • jh

    I originally started watching this show with my elementary daughter. She dreams of becoming a Vet someday. I wanted her to watch the show to A) show her the commitment of taking of animals. B) show that the work requires many Vets to be working long hours. She still loves the show and admires Dr. Pol at his age. She knows he loves the animals and the people. And she still wants to be just like him!

  • Hope Magnuson

    Hi…like the rest of the viewing world I LOVE Dr. Pol. Is there an animal charity he likes, if so I would like to donate and get involved in in his honor. There are so many of his fans that say how much they would like to meet him, and or spend time working with him. I have an idea; what if you raffled off spending a day or an afternoon with him or his clinic for his favorite charity? I’m sure the response would be HUGE!!!!
    I would love to help. Much love to Dr. Pol. He is an incredible human being,,,, From Hope in southern california

  • M. Miller

    Just wanted to say I wish Dr. Pol was vet to MY dog & 3 cats! They do have a good veterinarian looking after them, but from the absolute first time I saw this show I knew I’d ‘met’ a great man! His level of caring for his patients & their owners, too, is so high it’s amazing to watch. Much of my childhood was spent on a farm surrounded by good country people & watching Dr. Pol really brings back good memories! Reality shows have never been my style but I was hooked from day one, & when the show was on hiatus I felt incredibly sad. Just found it again a few weeks ago & I’m ecstatic once again.

  • Bagasman

    Hey, please tell your father, Jan Pol, that he is inspired me to be a great Vet like him 😀

  • Gloria Young

    First I want to say that I love you DR. POL. I was raised on a farm in GA.
    I live to see your show. I wish I could meet your ” GREAT”!! family in person one of these days. I am a animal lover.

  • Hailee Brinkley

    i love you Dr.Pol.

  • Judy

    Love your program, I try never to miss an episode. I just called my vet to give him your schedule of programs he wants to tune in. He is about your age and he’s a good fellow with more stories than you can imagine. Keep up these wonderful programs and helping the animals to feel better. Take care of yourself you are a hard worker and we all love you, and your family.

  • Kevelyn

    What ever happened to Dr Sandra…..haven’t seen her for a long time…??

  • Donna Chalos

    I agree with Kenneth May. I love this show and so does my family and friends. We talk about the latest episodes when we get together. I’ve gotten several of my coworkers hooked on the show. We have a small farm-goats,sheep,llamas,chickens,turkeys,and miniature donkeys. We see nothing wrong with Dr Pol’s techniques. People who often criticize don’t live with animals. I am a medical professional myself and understand there is what we learn in theory and what is real world choices. If there is anything we can do to keep this show on let us know! We also love your letting us see your personal side. You have a wonderful family! We love you all! You make our Saturday nights!

  • Rebecca weber

    Dr pol and family ,my family loves your show ! I grew up on a farm my kids played and worked on a farm more kids need to do this . Please stay on the air love love your show !!!

  • Rebecca

    I absolutely LOVE Dr. Pol!! I wish I could bring my cats to him but since I cannot, I will continue to watch every episode! There is no better vet than him and the concern he shows for each and every animal is so special! I will watch for as long as he is on!!

  • Nikki Simmons

    Are you going to have DVDS of your show. So people can buy them.

  • Alexa and Henry

    Love the show and watch it religiously. Dr. Pol is very inspiring and his dedication is outstanding. We also love Dr. Brenda..We have a small ranch and wish Dr. Pol and Dr. Brenda were our vets! Hoping for many many more seasons to come!

  • Marilyn

    I thoroughly enjoy the show and adore the staff…it reminds me of my childhood. I found the show about 6 weeks ago and record all episodes. I do have one teensy complaint or suggestion….I think we could do without the captioned comments that appear on the screen..I know they are meant to be amusing, but they are annoying and detract from the show. sorry….”Im just saying”…

  • Ruth McCurdy

    I would like to know why we are not getting any new shows, just reruns. We love the show.

  • Karan Williams

    Wow such a great adventure – everytime and I watch all the time. I love animals but have learned and come to appreciate God’s creation through the show. I admire you Dr. Pol you are incredible and the energy is awesome. Mrs. Diane – you are a diamond for your faithfulness to your call; Charles, your Dad is really proud of you, Dr. Brenda, girlfriend you keep it moving – you are amazing – Dr. Pol needs you. Would like to see more of Dr. Sandra and the Hollywood Glamour Vet from California – she was a stitch…

  • Rigglets

    What happened to Dr. Sandra? And what happened to Charles’ girlfriend whom he called “Baby”? Is there a chance some episode will show more of that incredible log home that Diane and Dr. Pol live in? It’s magnificent.

  • Janet A Bissonette

    I certainly hope that the Incredible Dr. Pol is not being edged out by the Dr. from the Yukon. They are both really great programs each in their own right. This is the first time that I have seen a HIT SHOW (Incredible Dr. Pol) tried to be copied by another Vet show and actually covered both the wild and the tame(?) clients. Usually you guys fail terribly trying to duplicate a hit show. ie: Tanked and the copy Fish Tank Kings. I don’t care for Fish Tank Kings AT ALL.
    If you people would only learn that when you have a hit show ‘DON’T MESS WITH SUCCESS!!.

  • donna hankamer

    is Doctor Pol coming back,, I miss his films most of my whole family really enjoy his program…………………..do not leave and I hope he is alright

    donna hankamer

  • William Coder, DVM

    Why do we have a time finding Dr. Pol’s schedule?, we usually watch on Saturday evenings but are having a time finding him.
    Please advise. Thank you

  • Larry Solomone

    My wife and I love Dr Pol…..Nat Geo don’t stop this show

  • Jane

    What has happened to Dr Pol? We keep searching and cannot find him anywhere. Grand kids and great nieces all come over and we have a full house watching the show. Has turned into family bonding time.

  • Barbara Manley

    I love the show. When I was young I wanted to be a vet. Worked for one. But I get so irritated when certain scenes are pixilated (for fear of offending). It’s a vet show. We want to see “vet things” If a surgery makes you ill, you won’t be watching a show about animal illness and accidents. Show it all. Thank you.

  • Judy Slater

    WONDERFUL – but have not been able to find lately. Some rumors of cancellation – DON’T DO IT – Dr. Pol and wife, Diane and the rest of his crew are TOTALLY REAL – not some phoney bunch of actors. DON’T TAKE AWAY such a GREAT show – REALITY please!!!!!!

  • Brenda Forman

    The bureaucracy seems to have it in for Dr. Pol. Here is a man who is out in all weathers, saving the lives of animals and the livelihood of farmers, and the wretched review boards seem hell-bent on getting the show off the air. I very much doubt that anyone one of them would EVER risk their well-manicured nails by shoving a hand up a cow’s rear end to see if she was pregnant! NatGeoWild clearly has not an iota of courage because at the very first peep, they took the show off the air. Clearly, the whole channel is totally devoid of either guts or courage. They have a wonderful hit show and what do they do? Run for cover the moment anybody squeaks. I LOVE the show and I now think I LOATHE the channel. Mayb the show might migrate to another channel???

  • CJ

    I’ve read several negative opinions on another website which “seem” to have it in for Dr. Pol. The author repeats over and over how the board in MI has given him a violation. You hear me!!!??? “A” violation! Not many, just one! And yet the board still let him practice! I know of many vets who have multiple violations. Big whoop! It happens. No one is perfect, and by the way…he even says so! He tells us over and over on his episodes of the way he does things, and how he doesn’t practice conventional medicine.

    Another complaint was about how a dog that had a damaged eyeball, and other animals not being anesthetized. I guess the editors left out the part where the dog and other animals scream in pain and bounce off walls. But, if he didn’t anesthetize an animal he told us why, and why he chose to do a lot of procedures the way he did!

    Regardless of what we think or don’t think about him as a vet, his clients, most who’ve been with him for many years, love him very much. So people, the proof is in the pudding! I don’t think these people, big farm or not, would continue to give them their business. If he was a negligent vet, the board would have taken his license many, many years ago.

    All that side, I hate when a network has a hit show and because of a few negative opinions, decide to take it off the air! They run the shows for however long they can milk it and then show their loyalty by canning them! Poo on NatGeo! If nothing else the show is entertainment, which many have said. So put the show back on and stand by your programs and the people.


    My wife and I have been watching DR Pol and wondering why we don t see episodes anymore. Please respond

    Thank You, Terry

  • Laura

    Put Dr. Pol back on! It’s the only show you have I watched. And I watched it religiously. Bring it back!

  • John Kozak

    I was getting so tired of the contrived crap passed off as “reality” shows. Finally a re-freshening genuine show gets it right and the Nat Geo idiots see fit to not show it.

  • Clay Burdiss

    Please don’t take Dr. Pol off the air. It is one of the few shows on TV that is family friendly. My whole family watches it every week! If it is taken off we will not watch any other show on your network! I believe you are caving to the few!

  • diane beagle

    my husband and I love

  • linda holbrook

    I love this show I watched it since the beginning you know that nat geo shouldn’t cancel it because of a couple of complaints. Don’t. bend to negative people dr pol is to good BRING IT BACK

  • Keiko fabacher

    looking forward to seeing Dr. Pol again

  • Ann Rhodes

    My daughter and I have tried to find Dr. Pol on the Saturday night time slot and couldn’t find it. We had no idea he was taken off the schedule. Why??? He is the best program that I have ever watched and if this is politics–shame on you. Hopefully you will pay attention to the people who love this show and return him to his time slot. Also the Yukon Vet was so different and we enjoyed her show as well. Please return them to the programs that you produce.

  • Margaret Powell

    I miss his show on Sat night on National Geographic.

  • Raynes

    Missing Dr. Pol new episodes. This is a great show. The NatGeo website masthead shows all new episodes. I sure hope the show is returning.

  • Zina Nugent

    I love Dr. Pol, I sure hope that the show continues. I too have searched every Sat. and have not found the show. The show is very informative and entertaining. I will wait to see you again, Dr. Pol.

  • Leigh

    Please bring Dr. Pol back! We really enjoy the show!

  • Maxine C

    I love Dr. Pol and the entire staff. The show is very informative and show you things you may not ever see. I miss the show. I looked forward to Saturdays so I could watch it. PLEASE bring Dr. Pol back!!!!

  • Stephanie

    We really miss watching Dr. Pol on Saturday night. Please bring him back!

  • joe and carol toth

    please bring dr. pol back on saturday nights this is one of your best shows thank you .

  • joe and carol toth

    please bring dr. pol back thank you

  • Gail Kipp

    Please!!! Where is Dr. Pol????I hate the Yukon Vet show….so fake!!! I love Dr. Pol on Sat mornings!! Please bring him back!!! It brings back “real” to t.v.!! Help!!! Bring him back!!!!!

  • Ellen H

    Dr Pol was a backward vet and I cringed watching his “treatment” of several cases. He is not that rural- and has access to knowledge- I particularity screamed at the episode where a dog presented in what even i knew needed an ultrasound, etc., and dr Pol prescribed tetracycline! Of all antibiotics, tetracycline! And the owner, who I believe was local police man, was willing to do anything and everything but Pol said “just tetracycline” or some such nonsense. And of course at the end the scroll says the owner finally took the dog to MSU, had the ultrasound, but it was too late and the dog died. Your Yukon vet is a much better example.

  • Pam

    My grandkids and I love Dr. Pol, where has he gone? When will he be back on? Looking forward to seeing him again.

  • Paula Walker

    We are so looking forward to Dr. Pol returning on TV. When will he return? We love the show!

  • E Dunbar

    Having lived on a farm all my life and dealt with all kinds of animal emergencies I feel right at home with Dr Pol. My husband and I enjoy his up front attitude and truthfulness. I would love to spend an entire day with him and his family. They are what this country needs more of. Please keep this kind hearted Dr on our favorite channel.

  • kelky

    We so miss Dr Pol, we love him, his family and his passion for all critters…

  • Ranchette


  • Barb Spaid

    I love this show. We can not even begin to wonder how this family kerps going. He is the only vet aroind that treats both small and large animals. He has a pstient load of over 19000 clients and I dont know how big of an area he covers.But it is astronomical.He drives sometimes three or more miles to get to clients places.So anyone that wants to say anything about this vet needs to keep quiet.Some of the medical hsve a stellar repuyation as he does. And I want to say saw you a few weeks ago in the Mayville Michigan Sunflower festival.As you see he was the grand marshall of the parade. Take an read the biography of this man and his wife. It is toyally refrehing to sre a normal persons life story. They have contributed so much tothis state and country. Love you Dr.Pol and family.

  • Arly

    Too many “city” veterinarian clinics are merely “selling” and/or up selling products and services that are questionable. This is a chance to see an actual animal vet, rather than “little human people in fur coats” being pampered by pet industry profiteers.

  • Rigglets

    To answer my own question, Dr. Sandra’s last name is Wiesnewski and somewhere in one of these blogs, I read where some other vet had enticed Dr. Sandra to quit Dr. Pol and work for him/her. Maybe that was when Dr. Pol was being investigated?

  • Walter

    I watched Dr Pol last night and I’m in shock. I am a veterinarian with 35 years of experience. He practices veterinary medicine like I did in the late seventies. It was OK for that time but veterinary médicine has Evolved. There is no need for animals to suffer through procédures without anesthesia or pain medication. I am required to take 25 hours of continuing education over a 2 year period. Dr Pol obviously does not. I understand people’s attachment to his personality, devotion and bedside manner but he could still have all of that AND be competant in today’s standards.

  • Jo Singer

    I totally agree with the Walter. Dr. Pol’s “adventures” may be exciting and fascinating to some of his audience. This said, he practices very POOR medicine- performing surgery in his operating room without using sterile methods- no gloves, no gown- and often with very little pain medication. Today there is NO need to practice medicine in this manner. Perhaps having over 19,000 clients is a bit MUCH for him to practice solid medicine. I am absolutely amazed that National Geographic would even air a program about a veterinarian who is practicing “dark ages” medicine. Did the channel even bother to “vet” the show before airing it? I wonder….

  • Mary Jo Morris

    I do not have cable T.V., so I only recently discovered Dr. Pol’s show on Netflix. I absolutely love the show and the care and concern Dr. Pol shows for the animals and their owners. It is unbelievable that the show would be considered for removing from the air. It is a great reality show for all families!

  • Joanne Weisbeck

    I can’t seem to get a straight answer about Dr. Sandra. I have read that she was shot and killed, that she quit Dr. Pol, what really happened? It’s not fair to introduce someone then they disappear. Same with Charles’s girlfriend.
    Love the show, animals,and all the humans.
    Please respond

  • Els de reus

    I am from the same country: Holland. vets are still affordable there, operate out of a small practice and actually come to your house when an animal is very ill! When I visit the fancy offices of veterinarians here, the prices for treatment are CRAZY high, and I am sure lots of pets get killed prematurely due to owners not being able to pay for treatment. Housecall? Are you kidding – an American vet doing house calls? They are too spoiled for that! They don’t care! GIVE ME JAN POL ANYTIME!! For those critical comments I read here, your vets may have the latest state of the art equipment, but are way too expensive because of it- and animals suffer, people procrastinate bringing their pets, because they can’t afford it! By the way, our regular doctors in Holland still do the same, they make house calls! Why do you accept this ridiculous impersonal health care system in the USA? Health care should NOT be about the mighty dollar or a 9-5 job! I feel sad for you guys to never have experienced a caring doctor coming out to your house!

  • dave

    I literally just paused the new episode of dr. pol because I wondered what happened to the young vet. dr. sandra. After finding no answers online I continued watching the show and they showed her leaving to take another job closer to her family. Glad that mystery was solved.

  • Francine

    Luv program. SUGGESTION BUILD AN ANNEX ON TO HOLD X-RAY EQUIPMENT, REDICULOUS TO DRAG ALL ANIMALS OR EXPECT STAFF TO LIFT THEM UP, DOWN. OR INSTALL AN ELEVATOR STALL! Put in electric table to lower to help staff HEAVE bigger animals on table. Backs are really fragile things and need protecting. My God man hire some more staff


  • Diane Lee

    I love the show, The Incredible Dr Pol !! Please don’t take it off ?! I missed it when it wasn’t on, and kept looking for it ! I will leave the Channel if you cancel the show ! I’m tired of ppl bad-mouthing the show, Dr Pol, Dr Brenda, etc. !!! They’re all great ! And I absolutely LOVE Charles, and his manner & sweetness, in spite of growing up under his dad’s somewhat gruff nature.Stay strong Pol family !! Many of us love ya out here! !! 🙂

  • dirk

    Did I actually just see a pig get it’s leg-nub castrated by Dr. Pol with no pain killer or anesthesia? Why is this man practicing? ,,,


    LOVE LOVE LOVE the show !! Saturday evenings cant get here quick enough. I have read some of this negative stuff on Dr Pol , well all i can say is that haters are going to hate !! They say his ways are old school : ) great for him because that’s the way things should still be and this country would be a better place if we did things old school !! When i was 15 i worked for a foreign vet and did not like the way he did some things, like throw a puppy into a cage that had just got hit by a car. No one is perfect we all make mistakes . So to all of you who think your perfect ( you other vets ) I would stop throwing stones in your glass house !! Thank you Charles for bringing your awesome dad to TV !!!!


    LOVE the show !! Saturday evenings cant get here quick enough. I have read some of this negative stuff on Dr Pol , well all i can say is that haters are going to hate !! They say his ways are old school : ) great for him because that’s the way things should still be and this country would be a better place if we did things old school !! When i was 15 i worked for a foreign vet and did not like the way he did some things, like throw a puppy into a cage that had just got hit by a car. No one is perfect we all make mistakes . So to all of you who think your perfect ( you other vets ) I would stop throwing stones in your glass house !! Thank you Charles for bringing your awesome dad to TV !!!!

  • Patricia

    I first saw Dr Pol on Netflix and since then, I can’t get enough of him and his son Charles. To those calling his methods archaic, he cures a heck of a lot of animals and most of the farmers in the area have used his service for thirty years!

    Dr. Brenda is a compassionate person! She doesn’t “kill” every large animal she treats. I’ve heard an awful lot of farmers say they depend on Brenda, she knows what she’s doing, etc.

    Once and for all, dr. Sandra is engaged and has accepted a job offer closer to her family! Dr. Pol and the staff were very sad to see her go.

    You know, when something interesting and wonderful comes along it is usually followed by the sour grapes crowd! If you don’t like the show, TURN IT OFF!

  • Julia Burger

    My vet is Cornell educated and a younger version of Dr. Pol. What he does is no different from Dr. Pol, (except he doesn’t roll them for D.A.’s). Large animal medicine is down and dirty, not pristine and sterile. I’ve had expensive, prissy vets here with the latest technology but the results were no better, in fact they were worse. Large animal medicine is no walk in the park and I have a lot of respect for the people who take on this challenging career. Keep up the good work Dr. Pol and company and I hope to see many more episodes.

  • Peter Elfrink

    Geweldige series kinderen kijken er graag naar.

  • Shaila Farpella

    I shaila love this show. I really want to be a Veterinary when i am 18 years old. I want to know how to become a VET.

  • Bé Duinkerken

    Dr Pol is nu op nat.geo in holland.
    Wij als nederlanders kijken ook heel graag naar dr Pol.
    het is leuk te zien dat de veearts zo bezig is met de dieren.
    Geen nonsens maar doen wat er moet gebeuren.
    Mooi programma. Vooral mee door gaan.

  • JoAnn Black

    Love the show and all the people in it. Hope it stays on along time. I like the old fashion way to help animals, not in it for all the money just to help the animals.

  • Connie

    There is always a fine line between what is realistic and what is desirable. Of course most of us that have never been on a working farm and cringe with the idea of some “balls” …any of them getting chopped off without anesthetic. And of course to reduce the tress on animals it is desirable to tranquilize them. But is all of this cost effective and realistic to farmers?! Is it realistic to knock out more than one bull to castrate it? The fine line what should be done and what can be done is to be considered. How many people do not treat their animals in cities because a trip to the vet will cost you easily $ 100.00 – $200.00?! I do not know anything about Dr. Pol’s fees but I would guess they are very reasonable. Are mistakes made…of course…nobody is perfect, especially when every move is scrutinized. Who sits in a house of glass should think twice before throwing the first stone

  • Jacob

    the people that go out of their way to criticize and put down Dr pol are a bunch of mongrels. People like you should be ashamed of yourself, if somebody wanted to fake a whole show about how to take care of your animals, they would have really went out it with different exotic animals, nobody would want to fake so many procedures with the same animals, so that just proves it is real, I believe every thing Dr pol does is his way of saying this is the right thing to do. Even though medicine has evolved, doesn’t mean you have to evolve to. If he were to all of a sudden do modern medicine, he would be pulled from his roots! He most likely does this because of how his teachers taught him and he is doing it this way to honor them! So people who think bad of him, back off!!!

  • pam

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!! Dr Pol is an old fashioned vet!! And? Whats wrong with that?? It worked back then, why not now?? Leave your rude and sarcastic comments to yourself!!! Hes wonderful…..

  • Laura

    I would trust and let Dr. Pol treat my beloved cat any day over any other vet. We love him!!!

  • E Savenko

    I enjoy this show and watch it in amazement how hard they all work but, today I was watching and they put down this little precious dog. I couldn’t turn the channel in time and saw it. The dog bite the little girl and they said he was 13 and probably wasn’t use to children. The dog was so cute jumping around rolling on the ground. The child didn’t live with them. They could of put the dog outside or block it off from the child. The man was crying am I doing the right thing. NO He loved this faithful dog. I would of adopted him or someone. Too late for that now. You shouldn’t show putting a dog down that is wagging his tale waiting for you to take him home like always for the last 13 years but. instead you grab him and put him down just like that. just like that.
    for all the good that is done on this show. will never watch it again. it was the saddest thing I ever saw.
    The little girl probably cried. He said he was going to tell the kids he was sick. so much better than the truth.

  • Jan Visser

    I to come from the farm country in Friesland and am curious which Providence the good Dr. is from. My family is watching it in Holland and are loving it as we are.
    Haven’t missed an episode since we first started watching.
    Charles provides the comic relief which is needed to keep the show “vlot” as we would say in Holland.
    Beste groeten met de show.

  • Kenja Klostermann

    How old is dr. Jan Pol. We love your fantastic show every week.

  • Ann Timmer

    I would like an email for Dr. Pol. Wish to discuss something unorthodox about Lymes disease. Please oblige.
    I’m an import, like you, and I have your back. AT

  • cathy

    I enjoy watching the tv show and all the cast.
    My only question is why are people saying he isn’t good at his job,Those people must have nothing better to do than complain maybe they should get a life, Keep up the good work to all the staff and Doc Pol

  • keli

    I love the show! Charles why do you paint your one of your fingernails black?

  • Jamie Mumford

    Dr. Pol is the best vet that I have ever seen. I just do not watch him on t.v., he is my vet in real life. I will never go to anyone else. I am getting sick and tired of hearing people tear him down because of the way that he practices medicine. I have never once seen the animals in pain when he works on them. I have never seen any other vet do half of the things that he has done to save animals. All other vets would give on animals that Dr. Pol has treated and that is what makes him a great vet. If they do not like them, then why do they watch the show. They have nothing better to do than to cause trouble where they have no right to. Long Live Dr. pol!!!!

  • Sherry

    OMG, I am appalled! I just watched this short clip of the bloated cow. Seriously, he spit on the glove before pushing his hand inside the cow!!! How is this even accepted as “good” veterinary practice? Come on people, use common sense.
    This “Dr.” needs to get out of the dark ages! Please, NatGeo, review what you are showing as “acceptable”!!!!

  • Susan

    As a veterinarian of 30 years, who works hard to keep up and do things the right way, I am appalled by this show. Yes, I also practice where people can’t afford the “best” care. However, I will still do what is right for the animal and not risk it’s life by taking shortcuts, when for a few of my own dollars and some of my time, I can provide a much higher standard of care. As a veterinary professional, it is my job to speak for the animals, and the are saying “don’t put my life at risk with this man!”.

  • Nate

    I recently watched the episode where a dog named Blackie dies in your care. That was severe negligence, when you saw the round mass on the x-ray why didn’t you operate right away?! Blackie died on your watch so it’s your responsibility. If I was Blackie’s owner I would be calling a lawyer and suing your fat asses. Dr. Pol is already being investigated for negligence by the state. You people need to PAY the family of that poor dog.

  • Shelley Hinebaugh

    Hey I have about thirty chickens. There is three limping and one I picked to check for bumble foot but nothing. The upper part of her leg is green like bruised. What do you think it could be? Thanks,

  • Teressa Backlin

    I absolutely love dr. Paul I love watching the show any vet in there that is talking bad about him and the show I think they’re just jealous I think he does a great job he could work on any one of my animals I trust him 100%you can’t tell me that the veterinarians out there that are talking bad about Dr pol I would like to see their records I wonder how many mistakes they have made in their lifetime I can guarantee I’m sure they’ve made a few

  • Brandi Miller

    Is Your show going to quit? I think people are stupid for trying to get rid of your show, i would trust you %100 with my animals, i learn so much from your show things I’ve never heard of. Please don’t quit your show

  • Jocelyn

    I love the show and have been eagerly awaiting the new season. The content is lovely but the new format is distracting. Must we really include pop ups for people who love Twitter? Please reconsider. I’m having flashbacks to that old VH1 music program.

    Thank you –

  • Matthew

    This man is a God send .Dr.pol is the BEST VET I HAVE EVER SEEN.LOVE THIS MAN!!!!! THE idiots out there trying to get his show cancelled Need to get a life,jealous of this man fame .he treats animals that need his care better then any VET I have seen .knows his profession very well .the one VET trying to get Dr.pol cancelled at least use your REAL NAME NOT A FAKE ONE SO NO ONE CAN FIND YOU!Dr.pol keep up the Awesome work ,love the show ,you are a inspiration to many young people,love you man.

  • Big. easy

    Well I would think charles could help his 72 year old dad better than he does. It looks like he’s always afraid of getting dirty or hurt I would think being raised by a vet he would know more than he does

  • Maggie

    It wouldn’t be a Saturday morning if I wasn’t watching Dr. Pol at 7 AM. Thank God for men and women like him who love and treat any animal they come across. The world will be a little bit smaller when Dr. Pol is no longer around. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. POL!!

  • Carol Proudfoot

    I AGREE! 120% with Matthew
    August 3, 11:40 am

  • Dana

    Great show. Reminds me of my vet in my home town. I live 2 hours away from my home town and still take my fury four legged children to him. I know I can trust him completely with them. I really I enjoy the show. For you people out there who are down on this vet, you need to get a life. His he perfect, well no, but neither are any of us. As for the other vets that are complaining about the show, know this you have made your share of mistakes with people’s animals as well, but the only difference is between you and Dr. Pol is that he is in TV and you are not. So, there is not thousands of people watching you and nobody jealous of your success to complain about everything you do. The owners of your patients are to worried about their animals to notice your mistake. Do you see the owners of is patients complaining. We are human we make mistake even un emergency cases. We all do. Human doctors too. Get a Life people. Thank you not geo wild for not cancelling the show, and thank you Pols and company for putting your jobs under a microscope and sharing with the world. It takes guts to do so after all the negative people attack you. Hold your heads up high and continue helping people and their animals. Thank you for the hard work you all do.

  • Jj

    I hardly ever watch tv anymore, but for this show I make an exception. I know he may not use the most modern technology or techniques but he uses something that professionals seem to no longer use: Care and compassion.
    Must of his clients are farmers, trying to make a living and unable to spend the hundreds of dollars usually involved with a veterinarian visit.
    I love animals and I believe they need care and love just as a person does, but they are not human and we forget that. People will be more up in arms about an animal being rough handle by a country veterinarian than by children dying of hunger and lack of health care and not in a third world country but here on our backyard.
    So let us enjoy our show, let us watch him do what he does best because once his gone, an entire era will be gone. Go Dr. Lol!!!

  • Alanna Zinger

    I have been a lot about the fine that was placed against him and now a lot of people are calling cancellation for the show. Seriously, I think that is an over reaction. Doctors make mistakes all the time, and no one ever places serious complains against them. Also, Dr. Pol has two, recently graduated vets on his team, Dr. Brenda and Dr. Emily. In addition, the show does not show the continuing education and constant updating Dr. Pol probably does, and from watching the show, I see the same care that the Vets here in my home town give. I also hear that his prices are low, and therefore giving “substandard” care. I believe this is untrue. Vet prices are not regulated by any board or set by anyone, therefore they can charge what ever they want. I have two vet clinics near by, one that is high end and one that is a farm vet. They both provide the same care, but the farm vet caters to a wider variety of animals, where as the high end vet does not care for bigger animals, only for animals that can be brought into the clinic. So with Dr. Pol being a farm vet, he has a many patients and therefore, can charge less for his services. Plus the show CANNOT cover every second of the care process and his lack of comment is probably due to a contract clause where he cannot comment on anything that will be in future episodes, which his probation was covered. Plus I find that reality show stars, such as Dr. Pol, are always targeted for ungrounded hatred over one single mistake.

    With that, I want Dr. Pol to know that, as a farm girl, that he is doing an AMAZING job! Sure, he screwed up, but he paid for it and got a back on his feet. My mother, another farm girl, who has done a lot of what Dr. Pol does and knows about the care needed, loves him! So Dr. Pol, keep up the good work and know that his Albertan girl supports you!

  • Renee Evans

    I have been watching Dr Pol since it came on. Only recently looked the show up on the internet. I think it is ridiculous that all these nasty comments and complaints have been around for so long.
    Thanks to Dr Pol, more people see some of the struggles farmer’s have.
    Yes, he does things the old fashioned way. No he doesn’t have fancy equipment, expensive to purchase and maintain and not used as often as you expect, and seriously, most normal folks can’t afford that cost for a pet or farm animal.
    They probably don’t carry all the medications….they have shelf lives that expire, and if they aren’t used they have to be legally disposed, waste of money that clients have to pay for in the long run.
    All I have ever seen has been conscientious work and care for the animals first and owners too. Death is sad, and a way of life.

    As for the penalty assessed for the dog losing its litter…my own thoughts are: if the owners were so concerned, why didn’t they go someplace else earlier?! I don’t have much sympathy for people making an 8 year-old dog have pups. Those kinds of people are in it for money, not caring for the animal.

    To the vets that are appalled at the 1970’s approach the vet uses…I am appalled at the prices you guys charge. I found a vet that is common sense and decent prices. It is amazing that any pet lived without getting their teeth cleaned, yet none of mine did, all lived 15 years or more and none had any pain Orr problems eating or digesting food. Yet vets today make you feel that you are torturing and killing your pet if you don’t agree to anesthesia ($$$$) and cleaning, plus maybe tooth extractions ($$$$$).
    You go ahead, I am sure there are folks you can rob.
    As for me, I would go to Dr Pol or someone like him any day.
    Oh, and by the way, can we film you for weeks on end, edit the film for entertainment purposes and put it on tv and let criticism fly and report you for cruelty and errors? Yeah, I thought not.

  • Tracy

    This is a very educational and remarkable show. I like how down home they are !!! I would like to have a country vet here in our town. I like Dr. Pols manners and love he has for the animals and the family. This show is definitely a hit for my family. I can’t wait until my Grandsons is big enough to understand the concept of being a vet !!! Maybe he will be a country vet someday !!!!!

  • JT

    Accidentally came across an (early?) episode of ‘Farm Vet’ on some obscure UK channel a couple of months ago.
    Whole family immediately hooked on the show.

    We farm ~500 cattle&sheep, so can fully appreciate how Dr Pol (et al.) provides his farmers with the very best combination of ‘old school’ practicality with modern medicine.

    Keep up the good work…and the great show (if it is still being made).

  • Emily Baker

    When I grow up I want to work with Dr.Pol.Cause he is so awesome.

  • Darryl rhamy

    I see dr pol as human and considering the amount of pets he see, if that one misstake he’s made, then i thank he is better the most vet, perhap if not the best. We all need to remember that we all have made mistake and will make more . I’m glad he has opened up his life us. All vets make mistakes everyone. Thank you dr pol. Let him that is perpect cast the frist stone.

  • mike fairnington

    Great show,good to see a real old fashion vet at work,get in there and get the job done and get out,not like the fancy nancy vets we get nowadays,He makes mistakes now and again we are not all perfect.

  • Miguel

    (Sorry my English) I have a very bad luck , because in all episodes I saw from this ” incredible ” Dr.Pol a animal dies in is hand and he doesn’t feel anything. I stopped seeing this show, I don’t understand why people like so much this butcher . I like Dr.Chris Brow, he really live the animal survival.

  • Paulo

    Welcome to real life Miguel.

    This is old school veterinary. . . and for a TV show it’s probably a bit more ‘real’ than a lot of others you could watch. Where it’s more about the ego of the people in it (and in some cases how hot they are).

    Dr. Pol I hope you live until 100 and die by being eaten by a cow or something.

  • cjbeeks

    I think Dr. Pol is wonderful. He seems to have a ful life with work; and family; and his community. I enjoy the program and I hope it goes on forever.

  • Debbie

    I love Dr. Pol. I wish more vets were like him! I understand a person has to make a living, but come on the prices some of these vets charge is un real. And yes I am a firm believer if you can’t afford to take care of an animal you shouldn’t have one, but if more vets were like Dr. Pol, caring etc I bet less animals would be dumped off at a shelter! Tonights show 1/7/2017 Did Dr. Brenda leave the clinic?

  • Donna Parrish

    Is Charles Pol and Derrick Levasseur the same person?

  • Brenda Hunt

    I love Dr. Pol. Very educational, and interesting to see such a vast number of animals warranting medical care. I love all of his employees and what they do for animals.

  • Rose

    I have been watching the show a few years now and big fan . I I am posting, which I never do, because I am getting tired of people only complaining and pointing out negative. I am happy to see positive comments greatly outweighing negative, but I still need to put my two cents in!
    I live 90 miles north of New York City with many vets in our area. There are some with the fanciest equipment, are awesome but I cannot afford as they must charge more to pay for this equipment. My current vet is not a large office, was once privately owned but now a corporate office. When privately run, if I was short money because bill was more than expected, I was able to send in payment. Due to being a corporate office, it is no longer an option. Neither are payment plans. When my dog necessitated being put down out of the blue, the secretary asked for money before putting him down as that was policy. Thank goodness for the grace of the Doctor who stepped in and allowed me to send a check in later. In this area though, that is the practice among all vets – no payment, no service. It’s just like going to a regular doctor, co-pay first, then you see your doctor. I own my own business so I understand why they may have these policies. Over the years I too have had to change the way I run my business to accommodate the clientele, as well as to consumer behavior. I state this for some critics of how Dr. Pol operates as I believe his practice is tailored to the clientele that are in his area.
    Where I live used to be cow farms . These farmers, who had beautiful homes and large properties back in the 70s, have had to now close shop and sell to developers; the beautiful farmland now suburban developments. The cost of doing business for these farmers drove them out. Large animal vet’s which were in abundance, are a rarity in our area.

    Owning a business as well, I will state if you find any person out there who makes no mistakes whatsoever, my recommendation is find someone else. None of us are perfect, and unfortunately sometimes things don’t go as planned. There have been one or two things on the show that upset me, but the enjoyment I get far outweighs what bothers me personally.

    To address the critique of his practices – We all have different ways of working. I understand these are animals and living things but I am certain we don’t always see the entire history or behind the scenes action. I ask as well, how about the clients where these “questionable practices” are used, but are shown season after season coming back to the doctor?There is another show on TV with a larger animal hospital in a city setting. I see no negative comments about patients who come in, the treatment is hundreds of dollars, and the choice given to the client is pay the fee or put down the animal. Once again, I see both points of view, the hospital needing to charge to keep their doors open and pet owner not being able to afford. Should that that dr. be considered a bad doctor because they are not helping the animal, where procedure would allow the animal to live a long life, but because owner cannot afford it, animal is put down?

    My daughter is a vet tech and worked for a very large animal hospital in Florida. She described it as one of the more expensive facilities in her area due to the size. The hospital is also located in one of the most affluent areas of her city, with fees reflecting that. The doctors in her hospital are recent graduates to being in the field 20 years. On a tour of hospital and getting to see what goes on behind the scenes, I was shocked by some of what I saw going on, but if I wasn’t in the back I wouldn’t have seen it. I’m certain this group would have many many violations flagged if pet owner saw what occurred. My daughter ended up quitting because of some practices after 10 years being there. And yes, she did file complaints.

    Dr. Pol is human and no one is perfect. There are MDs out there who have more complaints against them and are allowed to continue to practice on HUMAN BEINGS!

    I feel this is a wonderful show, showing and teaching teamwork , what a strong work ethic is made of, for us folks who are not around farmland what that lifestyle is about, and what a family business entails. These days it seems we are so quick to point a finger, rather than take a look in the mirror at ourselves before we point. I hope the show stays on for many more years! Just a happy viewers personal thoughts…..

  • Glenda Vance

    …after the show tonight it flashed: “in Memory of Charles????I didn’t catch it all…is that Dr Pols son? who are they referring to?
    I love the show. Dr. Pol, his wife Dianne, Charles, & the other Vets…sometimes I wonder how they are able to do what they do, like helping a cow deliver…a lot of new “VET” shows have come up but Dr Pol is the best….

  • Wazini

    Dr. Pol is truly incredible. I love the show and the positive comments I have read on this platform. It is not fair to capitalize on a single isolated event to tarnish someone’s image and career.
    As humans we are not infallible.
    Dr. Pol keep up the good work we enjoy watching you do on TV.
    Long live Dr. Pol !
    Long live the show !
    Long live NatGeoWild !

  • LillyLee

    My husband and I try to watch the show every week. Always learn something from each episode. However something happened a couple of weeks ago that was concerning to me. My husband and I own a small scale swine farm in central Missouri. Anyway on that episode there was a clip where a Hampshire gilt was having difficulty farrowing. She had already had two piglets. She was given a dose of oxytocin and appeared to have an unusual adverse reaction to it. Then several attempts were made to pull the pigs without success. On one attempt a young girl had tried to pull the pig and said she felt the feet but due to inexperience, she did not know what else to do. Anyway it was very quickly decided that the gilt was too fat to have the pigs and the owner was told to butcher her. I was appalled on this decision. What was wrong with letting her try to have them on her own? If the feet were felt then the piglet was in position to be born. I have had sows and gilts for over 30 years and have never given up and made a decision like that. That has bothered me since I saw it. We have viewed numerous difficult deliveries on cows using extraordinary measures and that little gilt was not even given a chance. What happened there?????

  • Wayne

    If the people who are negative about the show or Dr. Pol in regard to the state sanction would look at the entire story, he was vindicated by the michigan court of appeals. The owners of.the.animal in question testified on his behalf. The suit was brought by a third party who was not involved in the story nor a party to it. Just. Someone stirring up trouble.

  • Lyn

    My husband and I love watching the series. Having a cattle farm, we find it so educational and interesting. Dr Pol IS indeed incredible!!
    What education does Charles have? It would be great if he followed in his Father’s footsteps.
    What has become of young Dr Sandra? Does she still work for Dr Pol?
    Regards to all.

  • I disagree
    Best regards, Son

  • janet

    my Siamese owns me and the house. is this normal?

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