Twitter Chat With Anne Barnard

Protests against the Syrian government three years ago sparked a continuing battle for control
of the country. Here in the capital the army shells rebel-held neighborhoods from the mountain
where this photo was taken. Photograph from the March issue of National Geographic magazine © Andrea Bruce/National Geographic

New York Times Beirut bureau chief Anne Barnard covers the Middle East and has witnessed firsthand the changes that are taking place in Damascus, a city that has been affected by the chaos of war. And we’re giving you the chance to ask her questions about her experience.

In her feature “Syria: The Chaos of War” in the current issue of National Geographic magazine, Barnard reflects on the state of Damascus and says that the city’s culture could offer hope for saving Syria.

Do you have questions for Barnard about the conflict in Syria? Join a live Twitter chat with Barnard on Wednesday, March 5 at 12:30 p.m. EST to learn more about what she experienced in Damascus. Follow Anne on Twitter and @NatGeoLive and tweet your questions with #NatGeoLive.

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