New Video Shines Light on Walking Shark Discovery

In the first of a new video series by The Pew Charitable Trusts, a scientist explains how he found a new species of walking shark off Indonesia.

According to Pew:

Scientist Mark Erdmann was participating in a nighttime scuba dive off the coast of Halmahera, Indonesia when he stumbled on a new species of walking shark. The shark is one of nine walking species, six of which are found in Indonesian waters. It is about two to three feet long and uses its pectoral and pelvic fins to walk on ocean floor, looking for food.

Erdmann, a senior advisor at Conservation International and a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation said he experienced a “rush of adrenaline” in 2012 when he first saw the shark. But beyond excitement, his discovery uncovers new knowledge about our oceans, and moves the field of marine science forward.