Dancing Fishermen Myanmar

The Dance of the Inle Lake Fishermen.  When I shot this recently in Myanmar I thought if they were doing this kind of fishing on a lake in the States, people would buy a ticket to watch the performance.  These fishermen have turned their craft into an art form.  Like many traditional lifestyles this one may also soon disappear, sped on its way to obsolescence by prefab boats, better paying jobs, polluted water, changing climate, and a dwindling fish population.  Inle Lake, the 2nd largest lake in Myanmar, is a freshwater shallow lake, about 7 to 12 feet deep over much of it’s almost 45 square mile.  It’s also home to an unusual style of farming built on floating gardens.  But this video is just about the unique fishermen of Inle Lake.  So enjoy the show and you don’t have to buy a ticket to watch the performance.  I talk about life on Inle Lake this week on my radio show, “National Geographic Weekend” so tune in to “National Geographic Weekend” and tune in to adventure


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