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Watch Stunning Live NASA Feed of Earth From Space

High-definition views of Earth like this are now only a click away, thanks to new video cameras streaming live views from the International Space Station 24 hours a day. Credit: NASA

Cloud watching, that most ancient pastime, enters the modern age, thanks to the astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Ever wish you could just sit back in space and gaze as the Earth lazily rolled by beneath you, just like the astronauts? Well, NASA is offering the next best thing to being there in person, courtesy of a suite of high-definition video cameras installed on the exterior of the International Space Station last month.

Now we can all enjoy the mesmerizing online footage of clouds, oceans, and continents floating by on our screens anytime. 

The four always-on HD cameras, housed in temperature-controlled and pressurized housings, were turned on April 30. They are part of an experiment to determine whether current camera technology can survive long-term exposure to the extreme radiation of space. Best of all, you can see the results:

Live streaming video by Ustream

Engineers hope that this trial run will help determine how future cameras can remain reliable workhorses during extended missions, whether in low Earth orbit or on a multiyear mission to Mars.

If you view the feed on this NASA Johnson Space Center webpage, you can also see a world map showing wherever the ISS is currently flying.

Watch long enough and you will see cameras switching between various views, including sunrises and sunsets every 45 minutes.

That’s because the orbiting lab takes only 90 minutes to circle the Earth while traveling at some 17,000 miles (27,359 kilometers) per hour. So don’t be surprised when your screen goes dark for extended periods as the station rounds the night side of the planet.

Joining NASA’s cosmic video show soon will be two more commercial HD cameras, made by Canadian company UrtheCast (pronounced “Earthcast”). Installed on the outside of the space station back in January, they aim to stream near real-time imagery of Earth as well.

So, while we might only dream of becoming an astronaut, we can at least enjoy jaw-dropping views from space anytime.

Of course, this might make for a great excuse to get that 90-inch jumbo TV you may have been dreaming about too!

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Andrew Fazekas, aka The Night Sky Guy, is a science writer, broadcaster, and lecturer who loves to share his passion for the wonders of the universe through all media. He is a regular contributor to National Geographic News and is the national cosmic correspondent for Canada’s Weather Network TV channel, space columnist for CBC Radio network, and a consultant for the Canadian Space Agency. As a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Andrew has been observing the heavens from Montreal for over a quarter century and has never met a clear night sky he didn’t like.
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    what dose it look from here

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    WONDERFUL! BEAUTIFUL! But that last sentence was uncalled for. 50″ maybe.

  • Dwayne LaGrou

    AWESOME!!! I still remember the Apollo launches as a kid and wanting to become an Astronaut. Who knows, Maybe we’ll all be able to buy a ticket for something much less than 20 Million Dollars!
    It is just SO COOL. Keep up the great work guys and gals. You know the more the public can experience anything directly connected to space the more they will be willing to support spending on space technologies.

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    Well,I see nothing: :

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    Wow really beautiful, exciting time to be alive…and high 😉

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    whats that huge circular cloud formation that looks like a mushroom?

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    Where’s the aliens?

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    I just saw my house!

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    Stunning, how I wish I could be up there too, a dream job of a lifetime

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    They need a tech to add tags. They would get a lot more people looking, if they knew what they were seeing

  • shanthi

    Absolutely breath taking. can’t imagine you are seeing the earth from your own study!!!

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    dose not work for me in brownwood texas

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    Spectacular our Earth.

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    I was just wondering what latitude we are looking at in this feed?

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    Just Amazing! So Beautiful.

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    I can see my home frm up there 😀

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    just watched the sun set from space! win 😉

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    wow is grate to be able to see our planet this way, I watch 7 minutes day time and then dark, but I’m waiting the sunrise

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    nothing but grey? amazing.

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    Wow,,,,, I saw the satellite going into the dark zone,,, the transition was breathtaking (y)

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    Someone needs to make a screensaver out of this, both for PC and phones. Ok… better not forget Apple.

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    Me ha gustado mucho, lástima de no poder verlo siempre. Gracias por proporcionar este medio para admirar lo poco o mucho que se puede ver de nuestro planeta.

  • ivania castillo

    I have a lot of Spanish people that would be very interesting to watch nothing like I think that would be very importantI think this would be this building would be very important for the Spanish community I think they will learn a lot thank you very much and I love Nesa in for me would be engaging I would indicate myself it would be very important for the Spanish community because they will learn a lot about the program in about NASA thank you very much

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    Beautiful how GODMADE, but got just a glimpse!

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    Would be better if somehow the autor would point the countrys like on GPS

  • Cara L.

    Wow! that is exciting news.
    I agree with Dwayne.” The more he public can experience anything directly connected to space the more they will be willing to support spending on space technologies.” also, the more people would understand and appreciate the cosmos..
    Great job!

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    Thank you very much!

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    i’m watching out for any UFO…brilliant.

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    I lost view, everything went black!!! The first 15 minutes everything was OK, and then…

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    Wonderful feeling to see astronaut’s view of our planet sitting in our home..

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    Wonderful !

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    I’m wondering why no night lights are seen in the dark video footage??

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    is the camera even on?


    I see nothing

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    Is one able to zoom in and out?

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    I see nothing here..

  • Be patient – when the screen is black the ISS is on the night side of Earth. When the screen is grey they are working to switch between cameras. Also there are moments when the transmission link is down for a few minutes. So it is worth checking back often – the views are spectacular.

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    It doesn’t work here either…

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    This is absolutely amazing. Yesterday I got to see the “sunset” and now I’m seeing the moon at the left top corner. Thank you for streaming these shots! Truly an awesome experience. Especially to see how giant the world is and how tiny we are compared.

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    enjoying the view while listening to this song

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    They always seem to have it pointed at a black hole when I try to see anything. Either that or gray… it’s down a lot.

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    aussi magique que magnifique !

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    Amazing feeds!!

  • Neil

    I am watching on 15 May and the web address has date 9 May. Does that imply the views are of archives?

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    I was so excited to see the live streaming but sad to say it didn’t work as expected..please let me see… thank you.. More power..

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    I spent a lot of time watching this video and I wanted to locate the place over which the ISS are… but still only cloudiness and ocean… Where are the continets?

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    My great earth

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    love the view from ISS….just one ?……is it possible for them to show at the bottom of the screen exactly what they are flying over????….it would be a great help….also, love the transistion from day to night!!!!…..imagine sitting in your hone & flying w/ISS all over the earth

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    It’s wonderful…….

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    I didn’t see anything

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    Can anyone suggest what time exactly to watch.???

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    Thank you. me and my 7year old son watch it all the time love to put it up on the big screen and watch it while we are playing board games

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    Wow its fabulous to watch live stream from space station camera looking about alien anyone see anything suspicious guys.

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    Awesome vew.keep on watching people..

  • Quinita

    Is ISS flying with the earth’s rotation or against it? And is there any way we can get further away to see more than the small window we see?

  • Russ

    This is obviously fake.between 5:01am and 5:08 am there is clearly a visible z shaped object , at first I thought ok well maybe part of an arm of the space station but then it faded out and wasn’t seen again. No space junk no satellites no nothing. No lights on each in the dark, I mean comon

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