The First International Contest for Aerial Photos by Drones

A view of Niagara Falls from a drone. Photograph courtesy Dronestagram, by user kolibik-foto.

In partnership with National Geographic France, the social network Dronestagram, which specializes in photos and videos captured by drone hobbyists, will host a competition from May 15 to June 30 to present rewards for the best aerial photos from all over the world. At National Geographic France, we are very happy to join this venture because photography by drone is an exciting new prospect that allows us to discover and capture the world as we have never seen it before, from sweeping views of Weeping Rock in Zion National Park, Utah to breathtaking shots of Crater Lake in Oregon.

To enter the contest, submit one or more photos taken from a drone on Click here for rules and more information.

The winning photo will be published in National Geographic France magazine and the winner will receive a drone, camera, and prints of their photo. Second and third place winners will also receive prizes courtesy additional sponsors of the event including Parrot, Go Pro, Droneshop and Picanova.

Send us your best pictures and good luck!

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