8 Best Cities for Biking?

I was speaking with an older gentleman the other day, and he told me one of the noticeable changes he’s seen over the past few decades is that a lot more people are using bicycles to commute to work, the store, friends’ houses, and otherwise get around town. Overall statistics bear this out, with ridership increasing substantially in many big cities around the developed world.

Bike-sharing services are popping up all over and adding racks. Bike lanes are being installed in more communities.

A new sharing service, an Airbnb for bikes, called Spinlister has launched, so people can rent the bikes out they already own. Years of Critical Mass demonstrations have succeeded in getting more drivers accustomed to sharing the roads.

The team at SpareFoot, a web service that helps people find storage units (hoping to avoid a new Storage Wars?) has put together this infographic on the top eight cities for bikes. They told me it’s a subjective list, put together from their own knowledge and by studying other sources, including Mashable, CNN, the Travel Channel, Bicycling.com, and other sources.

I was pleasantly surprised to find my current home at the top of their list, Washington, D.C. It is quite bike friendly, with great trails, quite a few dedicated lanes, and a robust and popular sharing service that is subsidized by local government. I am one of a significant number of locals who does not own a car.

What do you think are the most bike-friendly cities? How is your own city?

8 best cities for cyclists infographic
Infographic by SpareFoot

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