A Few Rainforest Insects to Celebrate World Environment Day

Dino Martins studies insect behavior around the world and their impact on environmental and human health. He captures stunning photos of a world often overlooked as “small and uninteresting.” 

In honor of World Environment Day, which is today, June 5th, here are a few amazing insects from the rainforest in Western Kenya to remind us of the incredible and wonderful creatures that we share this planet with.

One of the most beautiful of all African insects are the jewel damselflies, such as this dancing jewel damselfly found along the banks of the Yala River:

(Photo by Dino Martins)

Among the many gorgeous butterflies in the rain forests of Western Kenya are the Charaxes, or emperor butterflies. They fly high and fast through the forest canopy, but can’t resist the lure of fresh dung to feast on! Many Charaxes butterflies have the most beautifully intricate patterns on the undersides of their wings, like this giant charaxes (Charaxes castor).

(Photo by Dino Martins)

Some Charaxes species have especially intense coloration on their wings, as can be seen here in this blue-spotted charaxes, flashing its wings in the sunlight:

Blue-Spotted Charaxes Butterfly
(Photo by Dino Martins)

Even the fruit flies in the forest are colorful, as can be seen here with these Drosophila on some rotting fruit:

(Photo by Dino Martins)

The beetles are not to be outdone with this amazing metallic tortoise beetle:

(Photo by Dino Martins)

More from the wonderful world of bugs soon.

Spend a few minutes in the company of insects and plants today if you can!

Happy World Environment Day!

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My name is Dino J. Martins, I am a Kenyan entomologist and I love insects. The Kiswahili word for insect is dudu and if you didn't know already, insects rule the world! Thanks to the amazing efforts of the 'little things that run the world' I was humbled to be selected as a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. This blog is a virtual dudu safari through the fascinating world of bugs. Enjoy, leave a comment and send any questions or comments to me through: insects.eanhs@gmail.com