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Name That Planet! Alien Worlds Looking for Winning Names

Artist’s view shows an extrasolar plane
An artist’s view shows an extrasolar planet. Courtesy of IAU/M. Kornmesser/N. Risinge

Name that planet! Even astronomers have grown weary of planet discoveries with names that only a robot could remember, and on Wednesday they unveiled a new worldwide alien planet naming contest.

Announced by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the NameExoWorlds contest offers the public the chance to vote on more memorable names for some 305 planets newly discovered orbiting nearby stars, ones suggested by astronomy clubs worldwide. A ceremony will reveal the winners in 2015. 

“The NameExoWorlds contest aims at crowdsourcing the process by which public names will be given to a large sample of well-studied, confirmed exoplanets and their host stars,” says the contest announcement from the IAU. Since 1919, the IAU has been the official naming body among professional astronomers for new discoveries in the heavens. Most memorably, the group made headlines by decreeing Pluto a “dwarf” planet in a 2006 vote.

The IAU has also clashed with astronomer Alan Stern over the 2013 naming contest with the nonprofit organization Uwingu to name Alpha Centauri bb, the alien planet discovery closest to our own solar system. In April, that contest announced “Albertus Alauda” as the winning name.

Planet Potpourri

Over the past two decades, astronomers have detected more than a thousand alien worlds. The new IAU contest will look for names for planets discovered before 2008 that have withstood at least five years of follow-up observations. (They now typically bear such sprightly monikers as HD 183263 b, a designation borrowed from technical star catalogs.)

“The winning names will not replace the scientific designations, which already exist for all exoplanets and their host stars, but they will be sanctioned by the IAU as their adopted names, and be publicized as such, along with due credit to the astronomy clubs or organisations that proposed them,” according to the announcement.

Here’s betting that “Pandora” will be among the entrants. Let us know what names you would suggest.

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  • Justin Hughes

    I would name the planet after my wife Dorothy she is a bright young lady and very
    Strong and smart she also stands her ground

  • taja

    i would name my planet tuscan after the fish. Tuscan sounds like a planet?

  • taja

    i would name my planet tuscan after the fish. it sounds like a planet right?

  • Erin Naylor

    Xerilius my husband say is good name for a planet.
    I’m going to say Tavidar. It’s Hungarian for gift of God and seeing how our planets are crated by our Father, I believe it to be fitting.

  • Doshia Eagles

    I would name it after me. Theodoshias. Yes, that’s it.

  • Vance Decker

    For planets which are outside the Goldilocks zone and classified as ‘super-earths’ you should call one Obamacare.

    It’s big, bloated, and nobody likes it.

  • Jeannaël

    This name is an abbreviation of two French names: mine, Maël and that of my wife, Jeanne.

    We are both lovers of astronomy, we are pleased to offer today this name.

    Sincerely, Maël.

  • Elza Van Dorst

    I,ll Name The Planet: Aurora

  • Jamie

    Simply call it….Siccaque……

  • Gian

    If i can i will name that planet Bromo because it colour is like Mt. Bromo Indonesia

  • Albert Ben Chibudura

    Matshai- a giant bright star. This could match the description of my wife. Matshai will be a beautiful name I suppose.

  • Sanat Kumar Kar

    ALBERT…first name of great physicist

  • John smith


  • Yves Landry

    My proposal for a planet name (Nephazia)

  • Kwahme

    The planet should be named Candida/Zenon

  • Dwayne LaGrou

    I would like to see a pair of planets in the same solar system be named Ceti-Alpha 5 and Ceti-Alpha 6 for the planets that were used in “Star Trek 2 The Wrath Of Kahn”
    I think it would be great to use some of the names used in popular Sci-Fi movies and shows.
    It would be a whole lot better than the way they are now!!!
    Just food for thought.

  • Debbie Dodson

    Achtron has a nice ring to it!

  • Zakaria Oughzaf

    I would name the planet : LUTAN , cause i dreamed 2 days before about this name , i was in the space , and our general had said that there is an extraordinor tresor…That’s just a dream , but in fact ‘ LUTAN ‘ ,why not using it like name of planet .

  • Alex Méndez

    Call one of t hem Alex
    Another one Carol

  • alen

    how about mantisian after the praying mantis

  • Julio C Salazar

    My name for a Planet


    I Love You Alis!

  • valentin a. gido jr


  • Osman Kurtay

    İ would name the planet after my girlfriend Sema she is so beautiful girl and so smart if you choose this name i will be very happy.

  • Muhammad Rehan

    I think name must be ALIENET..

  • Jannie Taylor

    The name of my son’s band would be perfect! Lucas Taylor and Mothership Connection. Yep.

  • Monique

    Nibiru. A mythological planet believed in by ancient Babylonians.

  • John Pesch

    Id name it Gotham, because of that dark and mysterious view it seems to observe. The view reminds me of the dark and mysterious clouds of the fictitious city, and maybe the planets bright and beautiful colors could remind us of hope within the fog.

  • John

    How do you submit your names?

  • carl howard

    How about liberty or goofy you have pluto why not

  • Marclar

    I would name the newly found planet Marclar because I feel that it would be an easy to say name that just rolls right off the tongue in speech.

  • Ibrahim Smailovic

    Sutherland would be a good name. This place hosts probably largest telescope in Southern Hemisphere and lately this is centre of World’s massive SKA project (radio telescopy) that will explore the universe like never before.

  • Lola Fortes

    My bet/suggestion is ODE MELODY

  • jenneric

    I would call it cannabissia

  • Connie Gibson


    Are we allowed to submit more than one name?

  • akram


  • Martina Soban

    I would name the planet Enimana,its combination of my children names.

  • Martina Soban

    I would name the planet Enimana,its a combination of my children names.

  • Fatima Mensen-Potter

    I would call it “Boo”.

  • Sentallo

    It’s a name, that came out from my mind and it fascinates me and I hope you like it.

  • Laura Steph

    I would name it Znais, I dunno, sounds interesting.

  • Roberto Mendivil

    I want the planet to be named Lisoff.

  • mo

    awestruck, that is what i am i love science and space

  • Saundra Frioux

    A name I would chose would be Vida, meaning life.

  • Alja

    I would name the planet Phoenix because its colour remindes me of Dumbledore’s bird.

  • Ellen Sanchez

    Name the planet Gallifrey please.

  • erwin pacaanas duran

    The of that planet is ‘panugmonon’.

  • botshelo

    you can name it Urium

  • saimasaleem


  • Sephora

    Gragoul – like a dragon

  • Nina Thurstans

    I would like to name a planet after my mum who passed away 10years ago on 15 th August . Jeanne was a wonderful lady she helped so many people random acts of kindness were what she did every day never looking for praise . I like to think she is up there somewhere

  • Sephora

    rectif: Not Gragoul BUT Dragoul (I find in it the layout of a dragon)

  • Austin Gonsalves

    I would like to name the planet as ‘HEAVENLY PLANET’

  • Liubov Karamanova

    I would name one planet “Eiwa” after the name of Sacred Tree of Souls from the movie “Avatar” by J.Cameron

  • Blagojce Nedelkovski

    Name : Nofomsok

  • Paul Scutts

    I would name the planet “Hope You Are Real”

  • mehmet arkin gurbuz

    the planet name could be “justice coming the world”…

  • gianni mercieca

    I would call the planet >>>>>>>> OLIMPUS <<<<<<<

  • Danuse Tancarova

    name planet : REDEMPTION

  • Bozhana Slaveva

    Argo is a good name for a planet.

  • Gleyciton Howllo Tomaz Silva

    Hmm…i don’t know much about this planet but from at the picture i can imagine what it could be called…what the coordinates are or temperature would have something to do…or in case something special, like if there’s a discovery about the planet for exemple oxigene/life. Then i would call something like…Life/ Vida or because the planet’s technology is not advanced >> Native, Eve’s garden…i could give some more nice ideas, but i just don’t know much about this planet…i don’t have televisio home and work almost every day 🙁 send me an answer if you liked my ideas 😀 i am looking forward to…Cheer

  • Ilker

    @Justin Hughes, let me guess : She is standing behind you as you typ? 😛

    Just kidding, but really a cool idea.
    I vote for Battlestar !

  • johary idris

    With this I prononce that new planet JOZA after my name n my wife’s name put together. Agree Yes.

  • Brian Edwards

    Shouldn’t naming rights go to the colonists?

  • Raph. D

    Australia, because its out of the ordinary.

  • Loreta Doga

    Lumina – stands for a shiny star

  • Jeffrey Lee Saunders

    Dear Sir or Madam. May I suggest the name of one of the Alien Planet’s be called “Hubble” after the man who made possible the Hubble telescope which still gives mankind a close up view of our solar system, Edwin Hubble. Thanks for concidering this suggestion. Sincerely,Jeff Saunders Hamilton,Ontario,Canada

  • dave

    I would finger your wife Dorothy then name a planet after her called crabpaste.

  • Anshul


  • Alexander

    Tulia (terrestrial), Zotar (gas giant), Andis Prime (terrestrial), Pironea (terrestrial), Althea (terrestrial), Meldis & Balis (Planet and its moon perhaps?), Teros Prime – also good for a terrestrial planet capable of supporting life, Ontaria (terrestrial), Braxis (gas giant), Voltan (gas giant), Serros & Saris (lava planet,volcanic planet and its moon?), Halea (moon, asteroid?), Koros Prime (terrestrial), Danab (gas giant), Melos (gas giant)

  • Kieran

    I’d say it should be called “Weldero”

  • Alexandria Lombardi

    I suggest that a few of the planets be called


    Just because 🙂

  • hussen

    palszrial(palstin and ezrial)

  • Cierra Uhlinger

    I would say a good name for a planet is Rudy.

  • Tina King

    I think “Twitter” would be a good.

  • Salko Harper

    Since most planets are named after Gods from ancient Mythology. Perhaps a name Like Zoroaster, Osiris, Aries or Toutatis. My personal favourite however is Astarte.

  • Bárbara Gamero

    I would name this planet Tosca like the Giacomo Puccini’s Opera. For me the soundtrack of the universe is a great classical music.

  • anurag sahai

    dear ,
    As you know there are many planet in the universe and it is very difficult to learn their names and to which galaxy it belongs to. So I want say why we don’t use binomial or trinomial nomenclature . this makes it easy to know it’s perfect location only by its name.

  • Dan Vergano

    Thanks for the suggestions, folks. Keep ’em coming. Note it will be astronomy clubs or institutions that you will have to convince you have a winner to submit to IAU for public vote.

  • nayara


  • Jakob H.

    New Earth

  • Nura


  • Divya

    I would name the planet bronzo because of its metallic shine and color. 🙂

  • Ivy

    Hi. Here are a few names that I believe would be good ones.
    1. Nocturn.
    2. Spectral.
    3. Aquarius.
    4. Mythonic.
    5. Asgard.
    and 6. Jotunheim.

  • mandeep

    my sugestion is- mandova

  • Hafej Uddin

    Its name could be BADHON.. Thats english mean is Relation

  • Dariusz

    I would call it “Roseof St. Rita” because it hes bright pink color and placed in the shiny red galaxy. With the second planet and the star she could be part of “The St. Rita System”

  • Harrison DuRant

    Earth 2, Earth 3, Earth 4, Earth 5….

    I’m sure after seeing this, the contest will end.

  • Filipe Silva

    I would name the planet “Saudade”, a word that exists only in the portuguese language and the closest meaning to it is “I miss you”. The word itself means the feeling and I think it would be a pretty good name since all the planets are unique and they should have unique names.

  • Kaylee


  • sarra

    no idea why. 😛

    or Ishq meaning love.

  • Fayçal

    Planet Noor

  • crystal

    ICARUS!!! from the wong fu production planet

  • elena


  • Nevar

    I got 3 names
    Dhiraksha &

  • Subrata John Rozario

    how about ‘Daripara’ ?

  • auntiekate

    Herald Angelica

  • Danay Rodriguez

    Rosetta stone maybe…??? 🙂

  • Philip

    id suggest electro ,trivia ,

  • Scott Henre

    The next hot planet should be named Victoria! Except keep it a Secret 😉

  • moonmama


  • Neil Wilson


    These would make admirable names for gas giants.

  • rizal


  • Hayden Martinez

    Planet X

  • Ali

    I would say “oligxia” or “xilagro” or “ziggrodiam”
    Or “Alironam” .

    They name doesn’t always have to have a name, but it should be easy to remember. It must sound good when u say it and have a ring to it. That’s how people will remember it, and not just the computer/robots.
    I’m tired of 3xg2-17 or stuff like that. Please choose something that has a RING TO IT! It will make the non-Astrotnomist fall in love and curious for it 😉

  • Neuris


  • Connie Gibson


  • Timothy Simon Ziegler

    I’ve named a few of my own fictional planets for the book I’m writing. I’ve overlooked a few, such as;
    Texteria, Latrior, Korrick, and Durakel. Feel free to take any of those.
    The others I have set in stone, I won’t be releasing the names of, until the book is published. After which, they too can be used.

  • summer coker

    I’ve always loved the names Pleiades and Cabeiri which both come from greek mythology. Pleiades is the goddess of the mountains and Cabeiri is the great pygmies of fire.

  • Endora Danaan

    Give them the fun cities!!!!! New York , Vegas, Baton Rouge, Hollywood, or backwards names ASU (USA) ADANAC (CANADA )

  • Arnee Miranda

    Planet ‘AIROR”

  • Nazila Mathari


  • Lewis Iaconianni

    I would Name the Planet,Google

  • Lewis Iaconianni

    I would name the Planet.Google

  • Cathy Roosa

    Neila Tenalp
    (Alien Planet spelled backward)

  • Ryan Tesone


  • Cathy Roosa

    Neila Tenalp
    (Alien Planet spelled backwards)

  • Vasyl

    Name planet 1 peace 2 life 3 pleasure 4 power 5 love 6 Friend

  • Sabyasachi Dev


  • ArunX

    Mr. Vergano,

    My choice – “Cbar (or) Sebar” meaning Hope & Think..
    Why hope? Cause thats the only source of thriving to live.
    Why Think? I am sure you can guess. We should THINK multiple times before landing Our foot in ‘Cbar’ .
    Thank you for considering.

  • William Cash

    Seeing as how so many well-known celestial bodies have names from classic Greco-Roman mythology, why not take from other cultures’ mythological heroes, villains, and creatures?

  • elena hoyle

    I would name the planet LAEZURTEN*1..I saw this beautiful planet in my dreams..

  • ArunX

    Mr. Dan Vergano,
    I choose – “Cbar (or) Sebar” meaning Hope & Think.
    Why Hope? Thats the only source of thriving to live for living things.
    Why Think? I am sure you can guess. Think multiple times before we land our foot on “Cbar”.
    Thank you for the opportunity and consideration.

  • Jaeius Jules R. Cantallopez


    meaning celestial in German

  • James Endorph

    Steve or maybe Jason
    and if it is a girl let’s go with Janine.

  • Christopher Treviño

    A) “Bright Star”
    B) “Lost Planet”
    C) “P3 Halliwell”

  • Felix

    SOS, helper

  • Rami Malik


  • samar

    “jenew” …first part in arabic means NEW
    NEOKAB”,,,,first part latinian second is arabic means new planet

  • samar

    neonajm…=new planet

  • afshin peirovi

    O-planet1 or O-planet-x =outer planet No.X

  • Patrick sabian

    Omatron V
    Unique and part of a section of 5.
    Omatron 1
    Omatron 2 etc

  • stef

    what about name it Salao 😀

  • beaver

    Alien Pipeline
    New China

  • Some Body


  • Sarita Cortés

    Me gusta el nombre de Iranius. No se, se me ocurrio

  • Jonathan Caballero

    i would name it YOLK

  • Dylan

    NAME ONE GALLIFREY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B. Randunuge

    How about GAIA X? or yeah Pandora seems good too 🙂

  • john hunter

    Planet Vertigo



  • Matt Robinson

    As the finding of these alien planets is a result of the “advancing” of our technology; we should name one of the alien planets “Encryptus”, in honour of a now primitive function of email encryption.

  • john hunter

    Planet SWLABR

  • Madeline Moffett

    My suggestion that the planet should be named is Ignotus Terra.
    Ignotus is the latin word for unknown, and Terra is the latin word for Earth. so the planet would be called, unknown Earth.

  • Domingo

    Pluto,peanut butter, blanket, dirt, or thunder

  • Dakhlan Zainuri

    I would name the planet after my family name. Planet Zainuri, cool right.

  • john hunter

    Planet Albedo

  • john hunter

    Name for a planet: Albedo (means whiteness, or brightness)

  • alexandre dias gonçalves

    I`d like to suggest ODYSSEA IMMENSA. For me, this represents adventure, strenght, courage… So much, that I have a tattoo with these 2 words. Odyssea, also reminds Homero`s ode, besides Ulysses, who – ledgend says, founded my city, Lisbon. My wife also has a good suggestion: MEL (in portuguese), which means “honey”.

  • john hunter


  • Enver Cordova


    But, I do hope that Omicron Persei 8 makes the list!

  • Meredith Heffernan

    They should be named after things in stories that make up our culture here on Earth. Like,

    Rhyme & Reason

    Rivendell, Lothlorien
    El Dorado

    I most definitely went through a Wikipedia page for some of those, but I think they’d be good names for planets, especially when you know what the culture ones mean.

  • renrins

    Planets names:

  • Erin Petrovic

    Eriu – ancient celtic goddess of sovereignty

  • Erin Petrovic

    Elatha – A Celtic mythological King

  • Andy


  • Selvaraj

    I would name it quilta

  • laurent

    amon din

  • Dipanjan Mitra

    Circle of Life

  • Dipanjan Mitra


  • Rajat Jain

    I would like to name the planet “Sovitrin”.

  • abhisheka

    Blue moon

  • kamal ishola

    OBITA which means ( wonders of god is unlimitted)

  • Diego H. Cataño P.

    Me gustaría que llevara parte de los nombres de mis dos hijas.
    Gracias por su esfuerzo y dedicación a la investigación astronómica.

    Cordial saludo

  • kristine cadapan

    Please peak PHINNAEUS, the name of my 6yr old son who is very interested in aliens and the planets. Its very unique and easy to say.

  • Ana Maria

    Pode ser, Yargo !?

  • khalil Aliy

    I would name a planet “Khalil X1” if I would be so lucky?
    The name khalil is an arabic word for “sincere friend”.
    In arabic language every word is a name! Therefore all arabic names have valid meanings!

    My surname is “Aliy” which means subliminal!

    Coincidentally the name of the Hero otherwise known as the man of steel…”Superman”

    The “X” Representative of Extraordinarily, Exyreme, Extra terrestrial or simple “X” for unknown!

    These are sincere words god speed, if for humanity yo supercede expectations, the humanity needs a liasons sns alli.

    I hope such a planet can be our allies in the future oppose to our ENEMIES!

    So if humankind is to make allies with distant planets then what better way then to begin with naming a planet than Friend subliminal (Subliminal Friend)


    Thank you with sincere courtsey and may peace reign everlasting.
    Thank you regards


  • Khalil aliy

    I would name a planet “Khalil X1” if I would be so lucky?
    The name khalil is an arabic word for “sincere friend”.
    In arabic language every word is a name! Therefore all arabic names have valid meanings!

    My surname is “Aliy” which means subliminal!

    Coincidentally the name of the Hero otherwise known as the man of steel…”Superman”

    The “X” Representative of Extraordinarily, Exyreme, Extra terrestrial or simple “X” for unknown!

    These are sincere words god speed, if for humanity yo supercede expectations, the humanity needs a liasons and supportive alli.

    I hope such a planet can be our allies in the future oppose to our ENEMIES!

    So if humankind is to make allies with distant planets then what better way then to begin with naming a planet than Friend subliminal (Subliminal Friend)


    Thank you with sincere courtsey and may peace reign everlasting.
    Thank you regards


  • Rebecca Miranda

    Um.. how about…

  • Choolani

    How about “Aretta”.. 🙂

  • Dimas Pereira

    name it Dimas

  • Denise

    Je nommerai cette planete BERECHIT qui veut dire en hebreu, ”au commencement”, premier mot de la bible, et qui decrit les merveilles de la creation divine,


    I will name the planet Mika.

  • v.s.Mahela Jayawardena

    I would name the Planet (BAWATHRAA). Speed,Time,mind,self Any1n controling. He or har is a BAWATHRAA. (old sinhala)

  • widad


  • rodj mendoza

    Planet KAIBA….

    came from a filipino word means “different” or “extraordinary”

    Hope you like it…..

  • tj


  • yagmur

    “Aphic” as the name

  • wade

    With a thousand extra-solar planets already discovered, and more coming practically every day, we will be able to use ALL THE NAMES.

  • Luis Carteciano

    Kronos is my entry as a name for a new planet

  • Stuart Munien

    As noted with many constellations, planets and previously used star maps, most of them have names of a greek, roman or arabic nature. Chances are the best names would be that of mythological figures who have something in common with the planet’s features or the constellation it’s found in

    E.g. 51 Pegasi b is unofficially known as Bellerophon, because it is found in the Pegasus constellation and in Greek mythology Bellerophon was the hero who tamed Pegasus

  • Luis Carteciano


  • Romeo B.

    The names are;

  • Samantha M


  • Heather

    Nyx, romantic goddess shrouded in shawdows!!!

  • Joseph

    I think 35813 Fibonacci is a good one.

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