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London Could Become a National Park … Sign Up to Be a Founder!

A fox inspects an official rubbish bin. (Photo by Jamie Hall;

London: A city of remarkable historical, cultural, and natural dimensions. Though people the world over know it as the grand capital at the heart of the U.K., not many realize that approximately 47 percent of London is green space. It’s home to the world’s largest urban forest, and gardens account for 24 percent of its area. So it’s with a great deal of pride that National Geographic presents the Greater London National Park project, led by Emerging Explorer Daniel Raven-Ellison. Your involvement is critical—help convince political leadership to make this idea a reality by visiting the project’s support page and signing up as a founder.

Every part of London is host to an incredible diversity of wildlife. The quieter and greener the space, the more animals move in. (Photo by Jamie Hall;

If successful, the project would be the first instance in human history of a major city being transformed into a national park. Its green spaces would be preserved, its waters managed, and its historical monuments integrated. Private and business property would remain so.

Amid declining animal populations worldwide, climate change, and environmental degradation, a capital city as a national park would be a powerful international symbol.

Visit the project website to become a Greater London National Park founder:

Urban deer (Photo by Jamie Hall;

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