TODAY: Chat With National Geographic Explorer Enric Sala

Enric Sala explores the waters of New Caledonia during a 2013 National Geographic Pristine Seas expedition. (Photo by Manu San Félix)

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be a National Geographic Explorer?

Here’s your chance to connect directly with someone who has ventured to unexplored areas, discovered previously unknown life forms, taken stunning photographs, and put it all to work to help protect some of the last wild places on Earth.

From the Russian Arctic to the Mediterranean Sea and the West African coast, Dr. Enric Sala has dove into the depths of many of the world’s richest and most remote marine ecosystems—places that few people have seen. Sala is a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and Director of the Pristine Seas project, and has conducted 12 expeditions which have helped to protect more than 540,000 square miles of the ocean.

Join Enric on the National Geographic Ocean Facebook Page Monday, November 17, at 5PM EST, where he’ll be answering your questions live. We especially encourage you to ask questions you may have about Pristine Seas projects around the world, including Gabon’s recent announcement protecting 23% of its territorial waters.

Watch the video below for a glimpse into Enric’s thrilling world of ocean exploration and conservation!

UPDATE: Click here to read the Q&A posts from this Facebook chat.

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Meet the Author
Maggie Hines is the program specialist for National Geographic's Pristine Seas project. She works with Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Enric Sala on all aspects of the Pristine Seas project, including planning and executing expeditions to the most remote places on the planet. A Virginia native, her summers were spent on the Chesapeake Bay at her grandmother’s house and on the shores of North Carolina. Maggie received a B.A. in Studio Art with a concentration in photography, and a B.B.A. in Management with a concentration in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship from James Madison University.