Five Months Illustrated on Maps

LONDON–Lately I’ve been considering subtle ways of communicating qualitative information in the maps that I’m making. For each group of participants I have (representing a different type of relationship), I’d like to have a separate map background that represents some aspect of the tone, vibe, or feeling of the relationship being portrayed.

Below are an assortment of some of the maps I’ve made to better investigate various visual possibilities. They all represent the same central piece of data: a display of where I’ve traveled in London since moving here five months ago. In one of my earlier posts, I included a map of where I had traveled for a month; it’s fun seeing how it has changed since arriving in September.

Click the image to magnify and better see the individual maps.

Image by Mimi Onuoha
Images by Mimi Onuoha

Fulbright-National Geographic Fellow Mimi Onuoha is a New York City-based researcher, artist and educator, who is in United Kingdom to explore the digital data trails of a group of Londoners.

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Meet the Author
Mimi Onuoha is a New York City-based researcher and artist who is in the United Kingdom visualizing information about groups of Londoners based on digital data collected from their phones. Her project, which consists of website and exhibition outputs, uses data to explore the stories of how our increasingly networked relationships unfold across on and offline spaces.