Cigar Limits and Other Cuban Travel Tips

A friend of mine made the infographic below for I thought the team did a nice job putting together what American travelers need to know to visit the Caribbean country, since President Obama lifted many restrictions last December.

There are strict limits on how much liquor and cigars Americans can bring back, and not everyone gets a free pass into the country, but things are progressing more towards normal relations, for the first time in 50 years.

Another friend of mine who lives abroad has been to Cuba at least a dozen times and can’t say enough about how warm and wonderful the people are and how special the island nation remains. He says most Cubans are optimistic that better relations with America will lead to more opportunity.

National Geographic does offer cultural trips to Cuba, if you’re thinking about visiting.

If you have been to Cuba, share your tips below.

Cuban travel tips infographic
With these travel tips, get ready for your Cuban adventure.

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