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Episode 1: Leaving Home

For hundreds of years, the area now called Kruger National Park has been a common migratory route for both South Africans and Mozambicans living along the park’s border. Immigration through the park increased dramatically in the 1970s and ’80s as Mozambique descended into civil war.

Entire families were known to walk through the park risking encounters with dangerous animals to find safety in South Africa.

Immigration has declined within the park since the end of the civil war as immigration laws have changed and security has been heightened due to the threat of rhino poaching. Families remain separated by strictly enforced park borders, but some people still risk walking through Kruger in order to see their loved ones.

Supported in part by a National Geographic Young Explorers Grant, Through the Prides is a short documentary series that focuses on one woman, Constance Nyathi, and her struggle to return to her family in Mozambique after crossing through the park illegally in 2008. In the first episode we meet this young woman desperate to reunite with her dying father on the other side of the border. Walking through Kruger park might be her only option to do so.

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Meet the Author
Jaclyn Skurie and Madeleine May are a Young Explorer team documenting conflict between lions and Mozambican immigrants crossing the border into South Africa through Kruger National Park. Follow their project at