8 Photos of Spring Awakening on the Great Plains

(Photo and Captions by Elaine Kennedy)

Elaine Kennedy is a crew member for the Landmark project, where she volunteers for my organization Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation on the American Prairie Reserve. She just finished a two-month term living on and trekking through the prairie, collecting data and documenting her experience through her medium of choice: photography.

“The American Prairie Reserve is composed of vast expanses of native prairie, and teeming with beautiful and unique wildlife,” explains Elaine, a member of the March-April Landmark crew. “Being part of the ASC Landmark crew was a great way for me to experience the Great Plains ecosystem while contributing to an ambitious research and conservation project.”

Through these photos, she hopes to share some of the interesting species she saw on the prairie, and encourage the public to appreciate and value wildlife and the environment.

You can see more of Elaine’s photos at www.elainekennedyphotography.com, and learn more about ASC on our website, the Field Notes blog, and by following us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Google+

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