Before Today, I Thought You Were Dead: Video Messages Cross a Border When Families Can’t

Episode 5: The Conclusion

In the fifth and final installment of Through the Prides, we look to the future of immigration through Kruger Park.

With a growing military presence in the park as a response to rhino poaching, people on either side of the fence face more danger than ever before in attempting to walk through to see their family members separated by war and migration.

We travel to Mozambique to meet the family of Constance Nyathi (from Episode 1) and learn what continues to drive people to immigrate across the border. Meanwhile in South Africa, Constance decides if she will risk death to cross the park and return home.

About This Series

Through the Prides is a five-part web series funded by a National Geographic Young Explorers Grant that examines the history of immigration through Kruger National Park. Kruger is South Africa’s largest game reserve and has been a migratory route between Mozambique and South Africa for over a century.

In each episode of Through the Prides, we delve in to the lives of those who still cross Kruger on foot. It is a story about families separated by borders and the lengths to which people will go to build a new home on the South African side of the park. It is also a story of the park rangers who struggle to find a solution for the influx of desperate immigrants passing through Kruger. Finally, it is a story about those who risk death from starvation, dehydration and animal attacks in order to reunite with their family on the other side of the border.

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Meet the Author
Jaclyn Skurie and Madeleine May are a Young Explorer team documenting conflict between lions and Mozambican immigrants crossing the border into South Africa through Kruger National Park. Follow their project at