Cayman Islands and Tayzu Robotics to Open Commercial Autonomous Drone Testing Facility

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Quadra waterproof quacopter Tayzu Robotics by KIKE CALVO
The new waterproof Quadra quacopter, that will use a combination of LIDAR and Optical Flow technology to automatically stabilize its position in the air. Photo © KIKE CALVO


Aerial drone developer Tayzu Robotics, in cooperation with the government of the Cayman Islands, has established the Western Hemisphere’s first autonomous Unmanned Aerial System testing facility. Located on the island of Cayman Brac, this facility will cater to major corporations like Amazon, GoPro, UPS, Google, DHL, and any other company that wishes to test the flight capabilities of aerial drones for large scale commercial purposes.

Tayzu Robotics, a manufacturer and developer on the vanguard of the development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), has reached an exclusivity agreement with the government of the Cayman Islands allowing them to create a comprehensive UAV testing facility on the island of Cayman Brac. Recognizing the need for a research and testing facility that can cater to the needs of users and developers of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Tayzu Robotics has worked with the government of the Cayman Islands to create such a facility.

While the United States Government and the Federal Aviation Administration slowly attempt to establish regulations for the testing of UAVs, the government of the Cayman Islands has taken the initiative to allow an unmatched level of freedom for the large scale testing of UAV. The Tayzu Robotics testing site offers UAV testing for crafts that will be used for a variety of commercial and industrial applications including automated delivery systems, surveillance, and geographic surveying. Major corporations like Google, UPS, GoPro, DHL, and Amazon will have the ability to test island-to-island take off and landing, non-line of sight flight, surveillance applications, fully automated flight, and much more. The potential for testing at the Tayzu Robotics site on Cayman Brac is limitless. Tayzu Robotics has the exclusive right to operate and oversee aerial robotic testing in the Cayman Islands.

Located at just under an hour away from the Florida coast, Cayman Brac is a perfect location for developers and business that want to test UAV capabilities. The government of the Cayman Islands has been very welcoming and has placed few restrictions on the use and application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
Tayzu Robotics specializes in the design and production of aerial robotic platforms. Their team of scientific researchers, electrical engineers, and industrial designers are dedicated to pushing the limits of robotics and large scale computing through innovation and technology. Working with organizations like NASA JPL, United Nations WFP, and SpaceX they are revolutionizing the way that UAVs are designed and used.


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