High Five! Give $5. Save Big Cats.

Don’t leave him hangin’. (Photo by Beverly Joubert)

See the tiny lion cub. All alone in the great big world. Needing nothing but your virtual high five to stay alive.

Well, kind of.

Lions and other big cats need a lot more than that if they’re going to avoid going extinct in the wild, but it’s easier than you think to help them out.

Before World Lion Day arrives on August 10, share the images below or your own high-five photo or video on social media and tag five friends with #5forBigCats.

Then donate here (or in the U.S., text “FIVE” to 50555) to give $5 to National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative.



You and your friends will be helping National Geographic explorers to protect big cats around the world. You’ll help build fences to protect livestock and avoid retaliation hunting. You’ll combat poaching. You’ll help protect the environments the cats need in order to survive.

Separate we are little tiny cubs. Together, we’re a powerful pride.

(Photo by Beverly Joubert)
High five! Give $5. Save big cats. (Photo by Beverly Joubert)

So high five! Give $5. Save big cats.


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