Photographer Steve Winter’s 5 Wildest Big Cat Encounters

A lion cub high fives another in the face at the Phinda Game Reserve, South Africa. (Photo by Steve Winter)

As World Lion Day approaches, the world mourns the death of #CecilTheLion in Zimbabwe, and people (including Arnold Schwarzenegger) show their support for these majestic animals through National Geographic’s #5forBigCats campaign, big cat photographer Steve Winter is spreading the word about big cats on tour in Australia with National Geographic Live.

He’s kicking off in Melbourne on July 31. Then he’s off to Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, Singapore, and, on World Lion Day (Auguest 10), Perth.

With #5forBigCats in mind, here are five of Steve Winter’s wildest big cat encounters!

1. Robot vs. Tiger?

Winter tried out a new gizmo to get an in-your-face view of tigers … but what did the tigers think?

2. Waiting for the Right Moment as a Photographer

How Winter captured his “favorite” photo—after 24 days of waiting for the right moment.

3. A Big Cat on the Loose in Los Angeles?

Winter is used to working in tough terrain. But what about working in an urban jungle, like downtown Los Angeles?

4. Meeting Smasher

Meet Smasher, an Indian tiger who does not like having his photo taken.

5. His First Wild Encounter

Steve Winter didn’t take a picture of an animal until he was 34 years old!

See Steve Winter Live on Stage

High five. Give $5. Save big cats.


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