Big Cats of Mozambique – the Comeback

GORONGOSA: Rebirth of Paradise premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 22 on PBS 8/7c

Recovering from a civil war, one still reverberating through the heart of the Park, this is the story of the hopes and struggles of those fighting to secure one of Mozambique’s last-remaining wildernesses.

It wasn’t too long ago that Central Mozambique was considered lost territory for the big cats, a place where they would soon no longer roam wild and free.  But today an effort is underway to hold the line against extinction and ensure that the African lion has its rightful place here into the foreseeable future.  This thanks to a 25-year commitment to restore Gorongosa National Park and a stellar team of boots-on-the-ground conservationists, scientists, community educators, cinematographers, and supporters—including National Geographic’s Big Cat Initiative.

The new 6-part PBS series airing on Sept 22 in the U.S. focuses on the restoration of Mozambique’s flagship national park and its tenacious population of wild lions struggling to make a comeback.  View the trailer for Gorongosa: Rebirth of Paradise, and tune in on Sept 22!


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Meet the Author
Paola is Associate Director of Carnivore Conservation for Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. Her team is dedicated to the recovery and conservation of lions, leopards, wilddogs and hyaena across the Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem. Paola is a 2014-18 National Geographic Big Cat Initiative Grantee.