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Over the past eight months, Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation alpinist Graham Zimmerman has been to New Zealand, Pakistan, Kenya and China for both work and play. During his travels, he’s tirelessly gathered data for ASC Microplastics and ASC Snow and Ice in new remote places, braving the depths of a crevasse and the heat of east Africa.

In this captivating audio blog and the photos below, he shares a bit about his adventures collecting glacial samples from in Pakistan’s Karakoram Range after completing a cutting-edge first ascent of the 7,040-meter South Face of K6, as well as more on why he’s committed his time and energy to working with ASC.

Forest Woodward makes thin moves on stunning granite while photographing Kyle and Jewell below. Barrier Knob, New Zealand. (Photo by Graham Zimmerman)
GZ leaves his shoes behind to sample the Tasman Sea for the ASC Microplastics Initiative. (Photo by Shannon McDowell)
“We came to Pakistan to attempt first ascents of Changi Tower (6500m) and the South Face of K6 (7040m),” says Graham. “I am super psyched to report that we sent both of them! This photo is of Scott Bennett on the FA of the SW Ridge of K6 West (M6, 90 degrees, 1800m). After we got off K6 I climbed into a crevasse to collect more samples for the ASC Snow and Ice Project and dragged them back to base camp. It was an incredibly successful expedition—all objectives were completed! (Photo by Graham Zimmerman)
While working in Kenya, Graham sampled the Indian Ocean for ASC Microplastics. (Photo by Graham Zimmerman)

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Gregg Treinish founded Adventure Scientists in 2011 with a strong passion for both scientific discovery and exploration. National Geographic named Gregg Adventurer of the Year in 2008 when he and a friend completed a 7,800-mile trek along the spine of the Andes Mountain Range. He was included on the Christian Science Monitor's 30 under 30 list in 2012, and the following year became a National Geographic Emerging Explorer for his work with Adventure Scientists. In 2013, he was named a Backpacker Magazine "hero", in 2015, a Draper Richards Kaplan Entrepreneur and one of Men's Journal's "50 Most Adventurous Men." In 2017, he was named an Ashoka Fellow. Gregg holds a biology degree from Montana State University and a sociology degree from CU-Boulder. He thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2004. Read more updates from Gregg and others on the Adventure Scientists team at adventurescientists.org/field-notes. Follow Adventure Scientists on Instagram @adventurescientists, on Facebook @adventurescientists, and on Twitter @AdvScientists.

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