National Geographic Celebrates World Lion Day: CEO Gary Knell Honors Our Unsung Heroes of Lion Conservation

by Gary E. Knell

The Olympics are in full gear — a global event sure to capture our attention for weeks to come. But today I’d like to pause and turn our attention for a moment to one of nature’s greatest athletes: the lion.

Known for their earth shattering roars, giant paws and majestic manes, lions are often a sign of strength and power. Individually, they usually are quite imposing. Collectively though, they are a species in trouble.

Fortunately there are heroes on the ground working every day to save lions — many of them brave women scientists, explorers, and conservationists. You’ve probably heard of Beverly Joubert, a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, conservationist, and award-winning photographer and documentary filmmaker (work she does alongside her husband and fellow Explorer-in-Residence, Dereck Joubert).

But as we pause to reflect on the fate of lions this World Lion Day, I’d like to introduce you to three amazing women who you may not have heard of — women whose work is leveraging the power of science, community, and ingenuity to stop the decline of these magnificent big cats.

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