Can Vertical Farming Sustain Food Demands in the Wake of Climate Change?

By Robert Colangelo

According to a 2015 report by the United Nations, the world’s population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by the year 2050. While those numbers are set to increase, so are rising surface temperatures and worsening droughts caused by severe weather patterns. Changes in climate are already reducing the amount of arable land and rising urban populations are depleting aquifers, creating a need for more sustainable farming solutions.

Indoor vertical farming is the practice of growing plants indoors in a controlled environment in stacking hydroponic towers.  These farms produce a consistent, high quality crop year-round in a small footprint. By growing indoors, weather and climate change is taken out of the equation. Over time these farms will produce zero waste by recycling all water with net zero energy use.

Green Sense Farms grows leafy green produce indoors using sustainable farming practices with minimal impact to the environment. They can grow vegetables faster than field farms using less land, water and fertilizer- free of pesticides, herbicide and GMOs. By locating these farms at or near produce distribution centers and on institutional campuses wherever large volumes of meals are served daily, they are transforming farming. The produce is fresher and the miles food travels from the farm to the table is reduced. This truly is the future of not just sustainable farming, but a farming solution to meet growing populations and changing global weather patterns.

Green Sense Farms is building a network of indoor vertical farms around the world. By farming smarter and providing consumers with access to fresh leafy greens, communities become healthier. Research has shown that a diet filled with leafy greens is rich in antioxidants and enzymes that reduce heart disease and cancers.

Green Sense Farms has been the fortunate recipient of numerous stories about our exciting innovative indoor vertical farming technology. All this press has generated many inquiries from individuals asking how they can invest in our sustainable farm. We’re pleased to announce that the recently released crowdfunding regulations now allow for individuals to make direct equity investments in growth companies like ours. Just as Green Sense Farms has disrupted produce distribution and cut out the middleman, the new crowdfunding regulations have democratized the capital markets, allowing individuals the opportunity to take advantage of public offerings without the use of traditional stock brokers.

Green Sense Farms, the country’s largest network of commercial indoor vertical farms is an early adopter of technology and employed a new strategy to finance its growth through equity crowd funding.  We launched this equity crowdfunding campaign to share the unique offering with our community. The campaign which launched in early September reached its $100,000 goal in just one day and has accumulated over $450,000 to date. The campaign, ending November 18, can be found here:


Green Sense Farms is the country’s largest commercial indoor vertical farm. The company provides nutritious and delicious produce that’s good for people and the planet. Because Green Sense Farms creates conditions that are always perfect for growing, they’re able to harvest year-round, using a fraction of the land, water, and fertilizer of traditional field farming. These sustainable farming practices make Green Sense Farms a local solution to a global challenge. Green Sense Farms is located in Portage, Indiana—40 miles outside of Chicago and has created innovation partnerships with Philips, Hortimax, Rijk Zwaan, Desert Aire and Dramm.  We have also formed a business partnership with Infinite Herbs. Find more information on their website at


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