National Geographic Society Pristine Seas Joins Lewis Pugh, Other Partners on Antarctica 2020: Project Likely to be the Most Ambitious Ocean Protection Plan in History

Today, the National Geographic Society Pristine Seas project announced that it is joining global ocean advocate and UN Patron of the Oceans Lewis Pugh and other key partners to create a network of protected areas in the Antarctic Peninsula.

The effort, called Antarctica 2020, will work to protect the vulnerable seas in East Antarctica, the Weddell Sea and the waters around the Antarctica Peninsula. Collectively these areas will span nearly 7 million square kilometers, roughly the size of the continent of Australia.

Building on momentum from the recent negotiation of the Ross Sea Marine Protected Area (MPA), Antarctica 2020 is a build-up to 2020, when the world will celebrate the 200-year anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Russian explorer Admiral Bellingshausen.


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