An Abundance of Wildlife at Tristan da Cunha

A beautiful and delicious Tristan lobster. Photo by Katie Davis
 In collaboration with the Royal Society for the Protections of Birds (RSPB) and the Tristan da Cunha government, National Geographic Pristine Seas is conducting an expedition to Tristan da Cunha and its surrounding islands. During the expedition, our team will conduct comprehensive surveys of the health of its largely unknown marine environment, and produce a documentary film to highlight this unique ecosystem and the people that steward it. Learn more about the expedition.
Tristan da Cunha really is one of the key global hotspots of life—there is a most wonderful sense of the power of nature in this perfectly balanced ecosystem. Some of it tastes great, too!
Lobster fishing is the main income source here and the islanders’ management of this resource is an example that the whole world can learn from. Tristan lobster is some of the world’s most desirable and there is always pressure to catch more—but the islanders manage the catches very carefully and keep the fishery totally sustainable. They have their future generations and the health of our ocean in mind and of course we on the expedition also benefit as we’re having lobster tonight!

You can also follow the expedition on Instagram and check out Tristan da Cunha and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for more coverage of the expedition.

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Paul Rose is an ardent explorer, television presenter, journalist, author, and Vice President of the Royal Geographical Society, and an Expedition Leader on the Pristine Seas team.