Explorer & Journalist Bryan Christy Testifies Before United States House Committee

Statement from the National Geographic Society

National Geographic Explorer and investigative reporter Bryan Christy testified today before the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs during a hearing on U.S. interests in Africa. Christy, who is also the director of special investigations for the National Geographic Society, shared his knowledge and firsthand experience of investigating organized crime and terrorism throughout Africa with the Committee and emphasized the impact wildlife crime and trafficking have on the continent.

“Given his sterling credentials and valuable reporting on Africa, we are proud that Mr. Christy was given the opportunity to speak before the Foreign Affairs Committee,” said National Geographic Society President and CEO Gary E. Knell. “He represents the best of what National Geographic Society has to offer, and we are pleased that the Committee considered his testimony as part of a serious commitment to enhancing the relationship between the United States and Africa.”

Bryan Christy’s official testimony can be found here: http://bit.ly/2rjVnXb


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