VIDEO: Tiny lion cub has a message for the world

A few days ago we were greeted for the first time – most dramatically – by a 3.5 week old lion cub born to Gorongosa National Park’s “Sungue Pride.” Gorongosa’s wildlife is rebounding, lions too.  National Geographic’s Big Cat Initiative has been instrumental in this recovery.  In 2016 we established Lion Anti-Poaching Patrols and a Rapid-Response Veterinary Unit and since September not a single lion we’ve been monitoring has been caught in a poacher’s snare; This compared to 1/3 lions killed or maimed by snares in prior years.  A new record.  Keep roaring, baby!  Stream the video at

Editor’s Note:

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Mateus Mutemba, the Warden of Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, shared this video at the National Geographic Society’s Explorers Festival in Washington, D.C., captivating an audience of hundreds of explorers, conservationists, and Society staff. Read an interview with Mutemba and his work in  one of Africa’s most iconic national parks:

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Mateus Mutemba: Ambassador for Conservation-based Prosperity


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Paola is Associate Director of Carnivore Conservation for Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. Her team is dedicated to the recovery and conservation of lions, leopards, wilddogs and hyaena across the Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem. Paola is a 2014-18 National Geographic Big Cat Initiative Grantee.