National Geographic Fellow Sarah Parcak Wins Antiquity Prize 2017

National Geographic Fellow Sarah Parcak is often described as a hybrid of Indiana Jones and Google Earth. An archaeologist, Egyptologist and founder of GlobalXplorer, Parcak is pioneering the field of space archaeology, using futuristic tools to unlock past secrets and transform how discoveries are made. Her work has received accolades worldwide, including the 2016 TED Prize.

This month, Parcak received yet another honor, the Antiquity Prize 2017, for a paper detailing research funded in part by the National Geographic Society. The Antiquity Prize is an annual award given to the best article from the previous year in the peer-reviewed journal of world archaeology, Antiquity. This year’s winners were announced in the August 2017 issueof Antiquity.

The prize-winning article, “Satellite evidence of archaeological site looting in Egypt: 2002–2013,” was originally published in the February 2016 issue of Antiquity. In it, Parcak provides detailed analysis of her work with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities to chart an upsurge in looting in Egypt.


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