National Geographic Photo Camp to Mentor Indian Youths in Banbasa, India

A group of 16- to 19-year-old students in Banbasa, India, will participate in National Geographic Photo Camp, March 22-27, 2018. National Geographic Photo Camp is a program that teaches young people from underserved communities, including at-risk and refugee teens, how to use photography to tell their own stories, explore the world around them and develop deep connections with others.

In addition to learning how to use photography as a storytelling tool from National Geographic photographer Matthieu Paley, students from the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission participating in National Geographic Photo Camp Banbasa will attend a personalized, immersive, writing workshop led by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek. Salopek recently crossed into India as part of the Out of Eden Walk, a 21,000-mile storytelling odyssey across the globe retracing our ancestors’ ancient migration on foot. To date, Salopek has trekked more than 18.5 million footsteps from Ethiopia to Central Asia.

During the six-day Photo Camp, Salopek and Paley will introduce the participants to the power of writing and photography through storytelling and will encourage the students to share their own journeys. The students’ work will be featured in a final multimedia presentation on March 26 at the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission in Banbasa, which will showcase their perspectives on important issues that further global understanding.

Since 2003, National Geographic Photo Camp has provided programs for thousands of young people in more than 80 locations. As part of the Out of Eden Walk, Salopek will participate in two additional Photo Camps this fall during his journey through India.


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