Tech with a Purpose: National Geographic Museum Introduces First Virtual Reality Theater Experience in Washington, D.C. : World-renowned National Geographic photographers virtually transport visitors to Earth’s most extraordinary places with SPACES

Virtual reality (VR) has proven to be a powerfully immersive medium with the capacity to take its viewer anywhere and at any time solely through the use of a VR headset. The National Geographic Society has invested in VR and other cutting edge technologies in order to build on its established legacy of using photography to transport people around the world. Many photographers are now shooting their subjects in 360 degrees, allowing them to capture the story from all angles and points of view. This technology, when coupled with National Geographic’s premier visual storytelling, creates a genuine connection that can influence viewers to conserve and preserve the Earth’s most remarkable locations.

Now, the National Geographic Museum is opening Washington, D.C.’s first VR theater experience, which will connect audiences with Explorers and photographers who are making a substantial impact on our planet. The Society’s extraordinary resources for media innovation enable the photographers working in the field to then produce VR experiences that complement these live talks.


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