Students Offered Credit for National Geographic Online Course

The National Geographic Society is pleased to announce an innovative partnership between National Geographic Education and the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). The partnership will increase access to high-quality professional development in the field of geography.

UNI is now offering graduate credit to students who enroll in the National Geographic online course “Connecting the Geo-Inquiry Process to Your Teaching Practice“. National Geographic’s Geo-Inquiry Process is an instructional strategy that, when used in classrooms, helps students develop the attitudes, skills, knowledge, and tools of a geographer. The process guides students to explore patterns, processes, and interactions between human and natural systems

In the course, learners will:

  • Understand the Geo-Inquiry Process and how it can be aligned with their teaching practice;
  • Explore skills that are integral to the Geo-Inquiry Process and cultivating the mindset of an explorer;
  • Prepare to implement the Geo-Inquiry Process in their instructional practice by creating a Geo-Inquiry Process Implementation Plan; and
  • Share and reflect about their practices in a collaborative, online environment.

Dr. Alex Oberle, a geography professor and recent National Geographic Society Education Fellow, is the instructor of the new course. He has long been involved with National Geographic’s education outreach efforts.

Oberle looks forward to supporting educators as they guide their students through this rigorous and powerful learning process.


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