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Monster Sunspot Threatens Earth With Solar Storms

The solar eclipse may steal the week’s heavenly headlines, but a monster sunspot—the likes of which hasn’t been seen for years—has turned toward Earth and may spew some serious solar storms. From the moment the gigantic sunspot cluster known as AR 2192 appeared on the eastern side of the sun on October 17, NASA solar scientists knew it was…

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5 Sky Events This Week: Orion’s Meteors, Hidden Sun, and Zodiacal Light

A spooky celestial sky show delights sky-watchers this week, in anticipation of October’s Halloween holiday, by offering everything from shooting stars to a solar disappearing act to ghostly light from beyond. Orionids peak. In the predawn hours of Tuesday, October 21, and the following mornings, the Orionid meteor shower peaks, with as many as 20 shooting stars…

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Comet’s Near Miss with Mars on Tap for Sunday

A once-in-a-million-year close encounter comes to Mars on Sunday. A comet will zoom past the red planet, and space observers are ready. A flotilla of spacecraft will enjoy a ringside seat, precariously close as the speeding mountain-sized snowball barnstorms the red planet and swings its debris-filled tail around the nearby world. Comet Siding Spring (C/2013 A1) will…

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5 Sky Events This Week: Moon Buzzes Beehive, Comet Barnstorms Mars

Sky-watchers enjoy parting views of Saturn, the “lord of the rings,” this week, along with the moon joining a star cluster and a historic encounter between the red planet and an icy interloper.  Sinking Saturn. Starting Tuesday, October 14, sky-watchers get their last chance to see Saturn as it quickly continues to sink in the…

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4 Sky Events This Week: Rival of Mars Does Battle With Red Planet

As seasons change and a new spacecraft sets up shop around Mars, sky-watchers can see the red planet face off with a rival, a treat along with other celestial treasures.  September equinox. The autumn season in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the southern counterpart officially arrives on Tuesday, September 23, at 2:29 Universal Time (10:29…

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