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Have a mad question about March hares? Something about squirrels driving you nuts? Want the poop on dung beetles? Welcome back to Ask Your Weird Animal Questions, in which we answer a few of your awesome animal inquiries each week. Let’s jump right in, because the first question is about dolphins. Do Dolphins Send Us…


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Meet the Indian purple frog, also known as the pig-nosed frog. Only formally discovered in 2003, the colorful amphibian is an endangered species native to the mountains of India’s Western Ghats. With a chubby, purple body and pointed, piglike snout, it’s unlike any other frog on Earth. Some of the purple frog’s unusual looks are adaptations…


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Move over, Banff ground squirrel—there’s a new photo crasher in town.  An African bull elephant snuck up behind tourists in an undated photo taken in Wedza, Zimbabwe, in “the photobomb of a lifetime,” according to a statement from Barcroft Media. The five women failed to see the seven-ton animal approach them from behind as they concentrated…


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