biocultural diversity

Since my daughter Pilar was born three years ago, I became a different human being. It’s been a dream of mine to develop a series of books that will inspire and educate children, with a special emphasis on empowering young girls to dream big, and to understand they should aim for the stars to pursue…

Human Journey

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Text by Jon Waterhouse | Photos by Mary Marshall National Geographic Explorers Traditional community on the Giraffe River (Bahr-el-Zaraf) in South Sudan, 2011 This article first appeared in Langscape Magazine 6:2, Winter 2017, available from the magazine’s website.  The article can also be read on Langscape Magazine’s Medium site. Langscape Magazine is a Terralingua publication.  We are now living…

Human Journey

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By Luisa Maffi Q.: Quick, what do a congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology, a meeting of International Funders for Indigenous Peoples, and an international conference co-organized by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and UNESCO have in common? A.: Other than the fact that all three events took place in Canada over the…

Human Journey

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