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Tech with a Purpose: National Geographic Museum Introduces First Virtual Reality Theater Experience in Washington, D.C.: World-renowned National Geographic photographers virtually transport visitors to Earth’s most extraordinary places with SPACES

Virtual reality (VR) has proven to be a powerfully immersive medium with the capacity to take its viewer anywhere and at any time solely through the use of a VR headset. The National Geographic Society has invested in VR and ...

Museum & Events

Venture on Virtual Reality Explorations, Marvel at Inspiring Films and Go Behind the Scenes this Fall/Winter at National Geographic: Introducing Washington D.C.’s first theater equipped for a shared virtual reality experience

National Geographic’s fall/winter 2018-19 live event lineup transports audiences from Washington, D.C., to the most remote areas of Africa, the deepest yet-to-be explored parts of our ocean, the deserts of ancient Egypt and the hoodoos of Bears ...

8,000th Species Joins the National Geographic Photo Ark

With the addition of the Pyrenean desman, National Geographic Photo Ark founder Joel Sartore is about two-thirds of the way toward completing his quest to document every species living in the world’s zoos and wildlife ...