circular economy

I have a theory. Taiwan’s waste management system is dependent on a subtle, strong, yet almost invisible force–women. Walk into a bathroom in any Taipei City subway stop and you’ll see an older woman in a bright green or orange vest moving seamlessly in and out of the stalls, a pair of tongs in hand….

Changing Planet, Human Journey

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I spend a lot of time thinking about how people perceive trash. Adjectives like “dirty,” “gross,” and even, “whatever,” top the list. But I rarely hear the word “resource.” ‘Waste’ begins as a resource and transforms into a product. We then use and dispose of it. This linear “take-make-dispose” method is followed almost unconsciously; in fact,…

Changing Planet, Human Journey

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I met Martin at a taco shop in one of Taipei City’s downtown side alleys. My experience with Mexican food in Beijing didn’t bring back fond memories, but this place looked legit. The counter was filled with steel tins of freshly chopped meat and the guacamole looked green (in Beijing it was a strange murky…

Changing Planet, Human Journey

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