For one species of bird, a stare a day keeps its enemies at bay. New research shows that the Eurasian jackdaw (Corvus monedula), a medium-size, dark-feathered bird in the crow family, scares off competitor jackdaws with a withering look. (Related: “Bird With ‘Human’ Eyes Knows What You’re Looking At.”) Scientists have long known that directed…


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Update: Last call to all the professional photographers of the world—there’s only one week left to enter the photojournalism competition! You can submit your best photos until January 31st on Fipcom’s website to enter the Fujairah-sponsored contest in partnership with National Geographic France. We’ve already received breathtaking features from Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the fall of…


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Sustainable businesses have made huge strides in areas like improving access to renewable energy and improving health outcomes for the world’s poor, and we believe there’s an opportunity in the seafood sector as well. The big question is, how do we help seafood entrepreneurs design businesses that have positive social and environmental impacts? How can…


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