Fish 2.0

Tuna Needs a Lifeline—Let’s Find Innovations That Throw It One

For a fish that evokes comforting simplicity—whether in a classic lunchbox sandwich or on a pristine sashimi platter—tuna exists in a complex and often troubling reality. It’s one of the species we eat the most: tuna is the third-largest seafood commodity in the world. It’s fished in international waters and most species are migratory, which…

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Blue Sea Labs, Cryoocyte, and Ho’oulu Pacific Win Fish 2.0 Business Competition

Impact investors gather to learn about seafood start-ups Investors interested in both doing well and doing good gathered at Stanford University last week to hear over 20 sustainable seafood start-ups pitch their enterprises in our Fish 2.0 Competition Finals and Investor Ideas Exchange. The mix of people was exciting – I’ve worked with investors and…

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Shaping Businesses That Can Help Both People and the Planet

Sustainable businesses have made huge strides in areas like improving access to renewable energy and improving health outcomes for the world’s poor, and we believe there’s an opportunity in the seafood sector as well. The big question is, how do we help seafood entrepreneurs design businesses that have positive social and environmental impacts? How can…

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Social Entrepreneurs and Investors Explore Sustainable Oceans Sector

Early next month, entrepreneurs, investors, and other thought leaders will gather at the annual Social Capital Markets meeting in San Francisco. Known to many as SOCAP, this annual meeting started over five years ago. It focuses on using capital markets to advance social well-being and has covered topics ranging from mobile phone technology to agricultural…

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Fish 2.0: A Competition That Connects Investors With Sustainable Seafood Businesses

A new breed of investors is starting to shape business growth across the globe. These impact investors, as they are often called, look to put money into businesses that generate strong financial returns as well as environmental or social benefits. In the past decade alone, impact investors poured millions of dollars into new innovations, helping…

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