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Lake Suwa’s Shinto Legend and the Oldest Lake Ice Record on Earth: What It Tells Us About Climate Change and Variability

By Lisa Borre Shinto priests observing an ancient legend recorded ice freeze dates on Lake Suwa in Japan starting in the 15th Century. On the other side of the world, a local merchant began a tradition of recording ice thaw events on the Torne River in Finland in the 17th century. Both traditions continue to…

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Warming Lakes: New Global Database Sets the Stage for Research on the Ecological Effects of Climate Change

28 December 2015 update: The global lake temperature database described in this post was used in an important study published in Geophysical Research Letters: Rapid and Highly Variable Warming of Lake Surface Waters Around the Globe. Global assessments based on satellite data have found that the world’s largest lakes have steadily warmed in the last…

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117 Million Lakes Found in Latest World Count

Using satellite photos and computerized mapping technologies, an international research team counted all of the lakes on Earth. They found about 117 million lakes, covering almost four percent of the world’s land surface, not counting the glaciers on Greenland and Antarctica, according to a new study. It is the first time the world’s lakes have been…

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Ice Cover Affects Lake Levels in Surprising Ways

White Shoal Light, Lake Michigan. This lighthouse is home to one of five Great Lakes year-round evaporation-monitoring stations. Photo by Dick Moehl The announcement last week that $300 million was included in the 2014 federal spending bill for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative was followed this week with more good news about water levels. The recent…

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PROJECT: ICE Documentary Portrays Changing Climate on the Great Lakes

Ice along the shore of Lake Michigan near Saugatuk (February 2013). Photo by Lisa Borre. As the polar vortex descended on Washington, D.C. on Monday night, my husband and I joined Water Currents editor Brian Clark Howard for a private screening of PROJECT: ICE, a fascinating new documentary about the Great Lakes. What was conceived as…

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Where Did the Water Go? Busting 5 Myths About Water Levels on the Great Lakes

Much-needed rain in the Great Lakes basin helped water levels recover somewhat this summer. Higher than average precipitation throughout most of the region in July left Lakes Erie and Ontario with above average water levels for this time of year, according to the most recent monthly water level report by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers…

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Alpine Lakes in Austria Reflect Climate Change

It’s no longer just a question of whether the planet’s precious lakes are being affected by climate change. The evidence from observations is clear: changes in climate, especially in recent decades, have impacted lakes worldwide. With warming trends expected to continue, researchers are now turning their attention to predicting how this will affect lakes in…

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Australian Lake Untouched by Climate Change, Called “God’s Bathtub” and Home to Tiny Perch

Researchers in Australia have found a lake that has defied the odds by showing a remarkable resilience to climate change. Blue Lake, the second largest lake on North Stradbroke Island just off the coast of Queensland, has been relatively untouched by changes in climate for the past 7,000 years, and has so far also resisted…

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