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Braving the Tasman Sea on a Hawaiian Canoe

After sailing the seas of Polynesia for 40 years, the traditional voyaging canoe Hōkūleʻa has left home waters and ventured into the Tasman Sea for the first time, continuing her Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage. Preceding this historic moment was a year-long journey through French Polynesia, Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga, and New Zealand. Hōkūleʻa’s arrival in Australia…

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Inspiring Words From an Award-Winning Hawaiian Navigator

Master navigator Nainoa Thompson has just been honored in Washington D.C. for “Excellence in Exploration” at the 2015 Peter Benchley Ocean Awards. He is one of a handful of indigenous navigators left on Earth that can find tiny islands in the open ocean without instruments, using wayfinding techniques passed down over a thousand years. Thompson, mentored for decades by…

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Hawaiian Canoe Hōkūleʻa Sets Sail for Sydney Guided by Ancient Navigation

The Hawaiian voyaging canoe Hōkūleʻa and her crew have departed New Zealand, on its way to leaving the Pacific Ocean for the first time in her 40-year history. The canoe’s master navigator, Bruce Blankenfeld, will use traditional Polynesian navigation techniques to sail to Australia. The crew of 14 are expected to arrive in Sydney in mid-May….

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A Tahitian Welcome for the Worldwide Voyage

The Worldwide Voyage is connecting many peoples and places with its stunning use of traditional navigation. Marisa Hayase is helping follow the many stories that are unfolding, and here she shares a small entry written by Hōkūle‘a crew member Ana Yawaramai on what the arrival at Tahiti was like. The Polynesian Voyaging Society Hawaiian canoes Hōkūle‘a and Hikianalia are journeying around…

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Worldwide Voyage Photos From Tautira: One Ocean, One Family

The Worldwide Voyage is about more than just traditional knowledge or sailing the Pacific in canoes. Through this voyage, many peoples are connected, and awareness for the Earth’s incredible oceans is brought into sharp focus. Ever since the maiden voyage of Hōkūle’a in 1976, the village of Tautira on the northeastern shore of Tahiti has been…

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