Michael Jourdan

Hanging in the Rainforest Not as Fun as It Used to Be? It Might Be a Midlife Crisis.

When people begin to worry about their mortality, they might fight the blues by buying a fancy sports car, having an affair, or even wearing a toupee. But, what is a great ape to do? This not a frivolous question because an international team of researchers has found that some of our closest primate relatives–chimpanzees…

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Innocent Until Proven Pretty

In a groundbreaking study from 1972, researchers found that people tend to believe that “what is beautiful is good.” That study demonstrated that attractive people were viewed by others as better parents, better spouses, more successful employees, and happier people overall than their less attractive counterparts. However, recent research from the University of Grenada suggests…

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Smokers Have More Friends…and They’ll Need Them

  Despite years of anti-smoking campaigns featuring everything from catchy slogans to graphic photos of diseased lungs, public health officials have been unable dispel the notion that lighting up is something the cool kids do. A new report in the Journal of Adolescent Health confirms that popular high schoolers are more likely to smoke than…

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Bigger Is Better–Except When It Isn’t

  In news certain to raise the insecurities of men everywhere, scientists have determined that size does, in fact, matter to females–at least among gorillas.  Conservationists with the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology found that male western lowland gorillas with larger body lengths, head crests and gluteal (backside) muscles…

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