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Splashy Sunfishes: Secrets of the World’s Heaviest Bony Fish Surface

The esoteric ocean sunfishes have been splashing across the media with the latest big discovery, led by Japanese researcher, Etsuro Sawai, being announced this week: World’s heaviest bony fish identified and correctly named. The Sawai team assigned an old species name to a group of sunfishes who sport a large bulbous bump on their heads when…

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Sharks and Rays: Migratory Species with a Story Worth Telling

By Luke Warwick Most people have heard their share of fish stories, some of which are entertaining and a few that defy belief. Here’s one you may not have heard. Last month, a little known international treaty took a significant step to protect several species that we often don’t think about—including the world’s largest fish…

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What’s the cost of a surf-and-turf dinner? 1,795 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

What’s the cost of a shrimp-and-steak dinner? Ask these ghosts of mangroves past in Madagascar. (Photograph: J. Boone Kauffman) What’s the cost of an average shrimp-and-steak dinner? If it comes from the loss of mangrove forests to aquaculture and agriculture, it’s 1,795 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. That’s about the same amount of greenhouse gases…

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Shedd Aquarium Teens and Volunteers Lend an Eye to Global Research

The following is a blog post by Dr. Steve Kessel, director of marine research at Shedd Aquarium. You don’t have to be a scientist to contribute to a global research study thanks to a growing number of projects that rely on citizen science. These are projects in which volunteers and scientists work together to answer real-world…

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A “novel” approach to climate change education: “The Kingdom of Winter,” a book review

By Erica Cirino When young people in America are first introduced to the concept of climate change–and its effects on the oceans–it’s usually through science textbooks. And that’s if young people are taught about climate change at all—according to education organizations such as the National Center for Science Education, in some parts of the country,…

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Virtual Reality can help politicians make responsible decisions about the environment

There’s been no shortage of apocalyptic images lately, from massive hurricanes in the Caribbean and Texas to California’s deadliest wildfires ever. Scientists say global warming has magnified the impact of disasters like these. Still, some legislators deny the impact of climate change or oppose any restrictions on carbon emissions. I’ve long said that if a…

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UN’s Ocean Envoy Calls for a Decade of Ocean Science

By Vinicius Lindoso, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO The UN General Assembly recently used the NASDAQ billboard in Times Square to promote the proposed UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030. The UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development is designed to boost investment and intergovernmental coordination of ocean science. Following the…

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