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Apocalyptic Skies, Junkyard Sharks, Forgotten Spaceships, New Friends — Four Tales of the Red Sea

Returning to sea for the first time in nearly a decade brought back memories of the wildest three weeks of my life — when we sailed Mir down the Red Sea in July 2010 during her maiden voyage from Malta to Singapore and were faced with suffocating heat, sun-blotting dust, grumpy sharks, and the very…

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How close are we to reaching the 2020 MPA targets? A perspective from World Heritage 

With a global ocean economy worth trillions, no conversation about marine protection is complete without considering socio-economic concerns. Billions of people around the world depend on a healthy ocean for food, jobs, and a way of life. Today, long-standing pressures like fishing, shipping and development are being compounded by a changing climate. It has never been more urgent to work across sectors and borders to plan a sustainable future for our ocean. That is why we at the World Heritage Marine Programme were so pleased to join the Monaco Blue Initiative in Edinburgh earlier this month to discuss global trends in marine conservation….

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Friends, and Heroes, of Mansuar

The Biosphere Foundation’s crew aboard S/V Mir recently spent ten days working on reef restoration and education projects on the island of Mansuar in Raja Ampat. While there, we were reunited with some very special people. You might even call them heroes.   Sutama Pak Ketut Sutama is a self-motivated, grassroots, ocean conservationist, which in…

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Sailing a 108-Year-Old Ship Through the Most Biologically-Diverse Marine Ecosystem on the Planet

  This winter (in the northern hemisphere), the Biosphere Foundation is undertaking a sea voyage on their 108-year-old ship through the gumdrop islands and turquoise waters of Raja Ampat — the most biologically-diverse marine ecosystem on the planet. A Homecoming I hadn’t seen her in over seven years, then there she was, resting peacefully on a…

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Splashy Sunfishes: Secrets of the World’s Heaviest Bony Fish Surface

The esoteric ocean sunfishes have been splashing across the media with the latest big discovery, led by Japanese researcher, Etsuro Sawai, being announced this week: World’s heaviest bony fish identified and correctly named. The Sawai team assigned an old species name to a group of sunfishes who sport a large bulbous bump on their heads when…

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Sharks and Rays: Migratory Species with a Story Worth Telling

By Luke Warwick Most people have heard their share of fish stories, some of which are entertaining and a few that defy belief. Here’s one you may not have heard. Last month, a little known international treaty took a significant step to protect several species that we often don’t think about—including the world’s largest fish…

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