Celebrated sea captain James Cook implanted a British flag down into the rocky, icy ground on the shore of South Georgia in 1775. When he did so, he claimed ownership of the icy, mountainous Antarctic island not only for his country’s humans, but, inadvertently, also for its rodents. From the arrival of Cook onward, ships…


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Completely eradicating pests from an island is a major conservation achievement, such as the recently announced eradication of goats from 15,380 ha Aldabra atoll. However, reliably confirming the absence of a species is difficult, bringing to mind the famous mantra ‘absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’. So how do eradication managers finally confirm…


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By Monika Joshi Their eyes and ears seem to be missing, but that’s not the only thing that makes blind mole rats an odd bunch. The furry rodents are also highly resistant to cancer, a new study says—raising the possibility of new cancer treatments for humans. Researchers Aaron Avivi, Imad Shams, and Irena Manov of the University…


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