Verde River

What do you get when 21st century “smart” technology hooks up with a 19th century irrigation ditch? The short answer: more water-wise farming and a healthier river. That’s the story of this innovative project on the Verde River in central Arizona, where forward-thinking farmers joined up with the Nature Conservancy and installed a solar-powered “smart”…


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As drought and high water demands deplete more and more rivers in the western United States, it’s easy to assume a future of dryness is the inescapable fate of once vibrant streams. But in the beautiful valley of the Verde River in central Arizona, farmers, residents, and conservationists are working together to restore flows to…


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By Julie Mueller, Northern Arizona University How much would you be willing to pay to restore a forest that you can’t see in order to preserve water resources? Researchers at Northern Arizona University found that those who draw irrigation water from the Verde River Watershed in Arizona would be willing to pay an average of $183.50 each…


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