Engaging Local Communities in Conservation

More highlights from the 2009 National Geographic Explorers Symposium:

  • Filmmakers and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert spoke of a partnership with the Maasai in southeastern Kenya, where fewer than 200 lions survive, that has reduced lion deaths from 40 a year to one in the last 18 months, of the shooting of Botswana‘s last black rhino, and of a reintroduction program that has restored them to the wild.
  • Ethnobotanist and Nat Geo Emerging Explorer Grace Gobbo praised officials in Tanzania for recognizing a legacy of poor conservation outcomes where local communities were not involved, and for restoring management authority to communities.
  • Nat Geo Emerging Explorer and Conservationist Shafqat Hussain described an insurance program that compensates herders in Pakistan‘s Himalaya for lost livestock, and the return of a trapped snow leopard to the wild.

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